DigiByte DGB

DigiByte is a More Secure, Faster & Forward Thinking Blockchain Technology

$0.004403 6.39% Current price

$62,965,305 Market Cap

12,988,589,558 DGB Circulating Supply

21,000,000,000 DGB Max Supply

About DigiByte

DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain. DigiBytes are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data.

DigiBytes can be sent over the DigiByte Blockchain and forever recorded on an immutable public ledger that is decentralized on thousands of computers across the planet.

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Recent DigiByte trades on Crypto Parrot
User Avatar fluxdesk -7.0%
11 Nov, 2019

+120,764.5526 DGB

1 x Closed Long @ $ 0.007306

Ok, this week's set of USD-basis trades is up, this being the last one. Resisting the urge to fiddle too much. The only change is this week's positions have SL points at 0.5% NAV if my maths are right. Buys are at 25% or better with respect to last week's history, take profit at the average. Full details + free trade planning sheet at the link below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18fb_f37EE9ungfVcjgSD3MQndECghzmQ8bFdDF4NDcU/edit?usp=sharing

User Avatar fluxdesk -7.0%
2 Nov, 2019

+704,225.3520 DGB

1 x Closed Long @ $ 0.006760

Like I've mentioned before, trying to homebrew a strategy where I can set up a week's worth of trades on the weekend. Still could use some work, but I think it's complete enough to start forward testing. The Google Sheets are up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18fb_f37EE9ungfVcjgSD3MQndECghzmQ8bFdDF4NDcU/edit?usp=sharing if anyone's interested.

User Avatar CryptoSurf -24.0%
27 Jul, 2019

+459,106.4686 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.010891

This is a screenshot of the DGB/BTC chart. Do I really need to explain it? This thing is going to burst.. Also, DGB/USD is looking good as well, with consistent higher lows. Adding a little to my "Buy The Dip" testing portfolio. Cheers!

User Avatar CryptoSurf -24.0%
20 Jun, 2019

-825,000.0000 DGB

Sold @ $ 0.014492

Limit sell didn't go through due to liquidity limit. Selling a little less, manually, at market price. Will do this for all DGB future transactions. Important thing is I made profits! Also, good news is DGB confirmed a 3rd higher low on the DGB/USD chart and bounced perfectly on the 0.618 and 200 Day MA. Aiming for a higher high at $0.02. Cheers!

User Avatar CryptoSurf -58.7%
29 Mar, 2019

+81,685.9990 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.012242

DGB $1000/Day Cost Averaging: Day 100. Accumulation completed. Too bad I didn't reach 10M DGB, but I can't complain, my average buy price is about 0.0106. Next step is to sell 1/2 every 100% increase and to buy back every 25% dip. More about this in my next part 2 article. Cheers!

User Avatar Crypto-Twice -99.4%
30 Nov, 2018

+768.5214 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.013012

@Niffler I don't know it it's just me or not but messages pulls an Oops error

User Avatar Balkoins -0.7%
27 Nov, 2018

+248,262.1648 DGB

1 x Closed Long @ $ 0.014000

Daily MACD looking to turn bullish. Great momentum so far. RSI is not oversold yet. On the verge of breaking a resistance trend line. Looking to get in and out of this quick with about a 20% gain. Stop loss at 263 satoshis.

User Avatar CryptoSurf -58.7%
20 Nov, 2018

+83,333.3333 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.012000

DGB $1000/Day Cost Averaging: Day 9. Are you willing to do today what most people won't in order to live the rest of your life like most people can't?

User Avatar CryptoSurf -58.7%
16 Nov, 2018

+62,131.0966 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.016095

DGB $1000/Day Cost Averaging: Day 7. Last day of the week for me. Not counting weekends. See you on Monday for Day 8. Everyone relax, be calm and enjoy your weekend. Cheers!

User Avatar Zig Zag -58.0%
14 Nov, 2018

+603.7918 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.016562

Today's movement is a prime example of an event which many can learn from, including myself. Those who say they have nothing to learn are kidding themselves. So... How many people hit stops? How many had stops in the first place? How many over leveraged? All questions you can ask yourself when looking to better your approach. As for DGB I gave 2 scenarios the other day with the least likely playing out. The aggressive nature of the sell off has come from BTCs break of support and I believe this has dragged the whole market down. We can see we spiked through the $0.017 level I had highlighted before however with aggressive breakouts the initial move tends to over extend hence our pullback to this level. If we can close above this will continue to act as support with the $0.0157 region our last major support to the downside. Many indicators suggesting oversold so I wouldn't surprised if we bounced a little tomorrow. However such a move should be traded with caution as we are in unchartered territory for BTC in 2018.

User Avatar CryptoSurf -58.7%
10 Nov, 2018

+44,252.1389 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.020338

Follow up from my previous trade: let's make it $1000/day buying strategy ($100 from previous trade + $900 from this one). From now on I will DCA $1000/day into DGB to make it more appealing. Enjoy!

User Avatar CryptoSurf -58.7%
10 Nov, 2018

+4,916.9043 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.020338

With this simple strategy, I want to show everyone the power of Cost Averaging (in this case $100/day) in a massively undervalued coin with great potential (in this case DGB). This is also called Position Trading, in which you average into a position during consolidation periods, and average out of the position during parabolic cycles/overvalued markets. The key is patience. With this strategy you have the potential to make huge profits with even just a few trades per year. Enjoy!

User Avatar CryptoParrot +11.9%
9 Nov, 2018

+48,426.1501 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.020650

Niffler.co is thrilled to announce today the official partnership and listing of DigiByte & DGB! Traders can now trade DGB safely while also learning more about this exciting project! Thx to the entire DGB community for their hard work to make this happen!

User Avatar Zig Zag -58.0%
8 Nov, 2018

+600.0000 DGB

Bought @ $ 0.020000

DGB Analysis: Price tracking towards the current support region at $0.02019563. The region has held since August. It has been tested 3 times, the more a support is tested the weaker it will become therefore a break could see a move down to $0.017, the low from late June. This however is the less likely scenario right now given both RSI and Stochastic on the 4H chart are oversold. You will notice I have highlighted 3 resistance lines. Each has been a key level in the past. Notice how each one happens to be a round number $0.022, $0.023, and $0.024. Psychologically we naturally see round figures as "nice" prices to buy and sell. The concentrated buying and selling around these prices forms these key levels. Should we bounce from this level I would expect a fresh test of the $0.022 resistance where we could then pullback. The $0.02019563 is by no means impenetrable and for that reason any long position (buy) should be coupled with a stop just below the 0.020 line. A more aggressive stop would be to double sell the break and ride the trade south. As always this analysis is purely my opinion and not financial advice.