OmiseGo OMG

OmiseGO enables financial inclusion and interoperability through the public, decentralized OMG network.

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$73,433,783 Market Cap

140,245,398 OMG Circulating Supply

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About OmiseGo

The OMG network is a scaling solution for finance on Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time.

The decentralized network facilitates self-sovereign financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

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Recent OmiseGo trades on Crypto Parrot
User Avatar fluxdesk -8.0%
17 Nov, 2019

+8,710.3827 OMG

Bought @ $ 0.948

So far, the last weekend's set has two wins, two losses and six not yet finished. -$351.43 currently. Going to leave the TBD trades alone and start replacing the finished ones at a lower buy point. I hope the base strategy is good and can be profitable tweaking the risk-to-reward ratios. Time will tell.

User Avatar Andre -99.9%
30 Mar, 2019

+53,403.1414 OMG

4 x Closed Long @ $ 2.010

The forecast for OMG: growth by a few% in the near future. I hope this time will not be like the last forecast for EOS (this is when I almost lost 30% but at the last moment there was a fall and everything went well).:sweat_smile: :sunglasses:

User Avatar DisarM -0.0%
13 Jan, 2019

-20,000.0000 OMG

3 x Closed Short @ $ 1.317

Bear flag on 4h. I feel like it is going to be a bear trap in all honesty, that's why closing position at $1.24 is my goal. Could be wrong (Not TOO confident in this trade, but still taking it.)

User Avatar RamingBull -20.4%
13 Nov, 2018

+3,077.8865 OMG

Bought @ $ 3.260

omg works in asia and everyday helps people in their monjey transfers they are guud and competitors like moneygram(short moneygram) are dinosours and are going to have the some fate

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
12 Nov, 2018

-3,750.0000 OMG

2 x Cancelled @ $ 3.335

Told myself not to trade for a couple of days but i just cant :joy: Trying another trade on OMGUSD, same strategy as before but this time its a short. Hopefully i figured out how to properly do risk management this time. Last time was a disaster.

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
11 Nov, 2018

-31,899.0000 OMG

Sold @ $ 3.173

I thought i could use a stop loss on trades without leverage so i lost way more than i planned on this one. Im glad its only fake USD :joy: Back to the drawing board.

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
9 Nov, 2018

+31,899.0000 OMG

Bought @ $ 3.331

Trying something new. Same strategy but this time im trading the 1D chart. No leverage this time lol. Going all in with my whole stack as the SL on this trade is only 1.4%. Bad idea? Perhaps, lets find out!

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
7 Nov, 2018

+17,666.0000 OMG

5 x Closed Long @ $ 3.373

Last trade was a success so i will continue with the same strategy on OMG/USD. Difference with these last two trades compared to my previous ones is the fact that im trading on the 4H chart. I will continue to look at the 4H more as i find it easier to spot strong S/R areas. This setup is such a small % win so im going to be using 5x leverage to increase my win % buy also to decrease my position size. Risking 1% of total capital.

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
6 Nov, 2018

+6,400.0000 OMG

5 x Closed Long @ $ 3.524

After being without internet for over two weeks its finally time to get back to trading! I don't have the time to go into great detail on this trade but i will try to explain my idea in the comments.

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
24 Sep, 2018

+18,250.0000 OMG

Bought @ $ 3.430

I'll continue to play horizontal support and resistance lines. On my last OMGUSD trade i looked at the daily chart and focused on much bigger swings in price. This time i looked at 1H, 4H and the daily and found this simple setup i liked. Much smaller % gains but i feel more confident in this trade. Risking 2% of total capital.

User Avatar LiBZ42 -0.0%
22 Sep, 2018

-4,100.0000 OMG

Cancelled @ $ 4.390

TP on the OMGUSD trade. Im not feeling overly confident in this trade but i need to let my setup do its thing. This is why a simulated trading platform like this is so good, its a great way to learn without loosing real fund.