BitTube is a revolutionary platform in which publishers can make money with their content, without ads.

$0.0041 1.66% Current price

$927,702 Market Cap

249,280,487 TUBE Circulating Supply

1,000,000,000 TUBE Max Supply

About TUBE

BitTube features a video sharing platform and a browser extension.

The platform operates peer-to-peer and uses revolutionary blockchain technology, allowing videos and live streams to be always monetized while being completely ad-free. Creators and viewers earn TUBE using the Airtime revenue model based on watch time. Many premium products and services drive a flourishing ecosystem, including subscriptions, memberships, video-on-demand, donations, crowdfunding, self-promotion and marketplaces.

BitTube browser extension implements a monetisation model called AirTime into the browsing activity. It rewards website owners and visitors with TUBE cryptocurrency. Additionally, its functions can be used for donations and transfer of value.

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Recent TUBE trades on Crypto Parrot
User Avatar fluxdesk -7.0%
1 Nov, 2019

-279,309 TUBE

Sold @ $ 0.0096

Divesting with some gain - more luck than skill but I'll take it. Setting up a new version soon-ish. The goal is to churn less & practice better investing habits.

User Avatar fluxdesk -7.0%
20 Oct, 2019

+48,431 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0096

Well, trying to day trade didn't go as planned. There's a big difference in stress level between investing a bit 'on the side' and trying to make enough quickly enough to pay the bills. Had to learn that one the hard way, I guess :smile: Got out with most of my funds intact, so that's good. Back to the drawing board.

User Avatar Andre +40.9%
1 May, 2019

+1,217,109 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0427

I know that most of you already know about the crypto exchange. But in recent times, many new users have appeared (this is very good). So if you are going to trade, here is a link to one of the best crypto exchanges. (I personally trade on it). If you have questions about trading or you want to make a profit, but do not know where to start, write to me. Here is a link to the exchange

User Avatar CryptoParrot +11.9%
10 Apr, 2019

+204 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0490

From the always insightful & knowledgeable Nik Patel, author of An Altcoin Traders Handbook, here is Coin Report #18 featuring BitTube! Enjoy! :rocket:

User Avatar $hitcoin$herpa +4.0%
19 Jan, 2019

+1,932,340 TUBE

5 x Liquidated @ $ 0.0231

Leaving some on the table to average down. That worked out well last time, as I was able to take a 1k loss on the first long, and an 8k or so win on the second - so ended up well into profit between the two. Let's hope it plays out that well this time.

User Avatar squirlio -2.7%
12 Dec, 2018

-200,000 TUBE

Sold @ $ 0.0316

Protective stop because I can't babysit this position. I'm used to scalp or day trade. I would have closed this position right now, if this was real money.

User Avatar bitBenji1983 -4.0%
19 Nov, 2018

+200,503 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0514

This up and coming platform has huge potential. It's in its early stages, the mining difficulty is relatively low and easy to set up and implement. It seems that it can only go up from here, this is why I have decided to stake in at $10.3k@200kTUBE. This could be big competition for YouTube!

User Avatar Crypto-Twice -99.4%
17 Nov, 2018

-200 TUBE

Sold @ $ 0.0582

Bought these last night in order to chat, selling for a small profit today....AND to say that I knew as I entered a short on a couple coins my longs would come back up......LOL What a freaking crazy market we have all had in the last week....How's everyone doing IRL? Still living and in the green OVERALL or have you seen big losses? I was up just over 9k, I've lost just shy of a 3rd of that. Jumping in on the $VET dive I believe I'll 2-3x that once market comes back online. Also still buying $LINK, it has done fabulously and is clearly not tethered to BTC like most every other AltCoin. Hang tough boys an girls and let me know how you are all doing!!

User Avatar Crypto-Twice -99.4%
16 Nov, 2018

+200 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0550

Everyone doing ok in here? Much easier on the soul to get liquidated inside this protected environment versus that cruel cruel world outside......Right? Yeah still hurts....

User Avatar RamingBull -19.1%
12 Nov, 2018

+129,611 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0772

youtube is censorchip is like inquisition is not we tube is google brain wash. look some baseball players can play football but not all sportman can do all is a gigantic sumo wrestler of the 20 century and now wera in the age of aquarius and is unable to jump into the wild horse of to bankrupticy

User Avatar Balkoins -0.7%
6 Nov, 2018

+25,265 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0792

Buying Tube here on support (High green line), will add more to my position if it reaches lower support (Low green line). RSI is oversold already bouncing up a bit, but that MACD is what I am worried about. Hope to get in and out of this one quick and not have to hold it into that lower support line. Tube has some strong fundamentals and I think is capable of a push into that profit taking green zone.

User Avatar WorkBuyDie -10.9%
6 Nov, 2018

+126,865 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0788

good time to get some TUBE after recent drop it's likely to pump backup up. :sunglasses: @xispita that is what happens when you go all in and do not diversify. You must be experiencing quite a bit of damage with that one.

User Avatar Zig Zag -58.0%
4 Nov, 2018

+200,000 TUBE

5 x Liquidated @ $ 0.0675

Thank you to Niffler and TUBE for hosting this competition it only seems right that I post some TUBE analysis. If you haven't read through my previous TUBE summary please take a look as the Support and Resistance 2 carry over from this. I have excluded all oscillators to provide a more concise chart. Focusing on the 4 hour timeframe we can see the last 4 days has seen the price track a tight sideways range however converging Bollinger Bands would indicate the possibility of a big move in the near future. The horizontal blue line is the support from the last analysis and although it didn't hold perfectly it has identified a consolidation period. This is important as buyers are clearly present at this price point and we have a strong support not only seen here but also in the past. RSI is neutral as it sits on the 50 zone giving me no information of likely direction. Stochastic has bounced from the low however it is showing signs of indecision as the K and D lines cross back and forth. MACD on the other hand is bullish and heading for a zero line cross to the upside. Mixed results from the oscillators but not surprising given the price action last couple of days. That in mind you could drop down to the lower time frames to get a shorter term perspective for an aggressive entry or wait for a more concrete setup. * Please see next trade for image of oscillators mentioned above.*

User Avatar soothingmusicstream -100.0%
4 Nov, 2018

+1,258,177 TUBE

5 x Closed Long @ $ 0.0861


User Avatar CryptoParrot +11.9%
3 Nov, 2018

+118 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0847

Just a friendly reminder from your friendly Niffler to all in the competition....Keep Calm And Pace Yourself :wink: It's a 2 week long competition! Have fun, learn how to trade in a bear and bull market, learn about the projects you're trading and above all good luck to everyone!

User Avatar Nic_Cafe -94.8%
31 Oct, 2018

+1,160,407 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0862

I am not a trader. I am "stock" picker :upside_down_face: In real I would scale in my position. For simulation I wanna enjoy a 100K market buy! :smile:

User Avatar WorkBuyDie -10.9%
31 Oct, 2018

+116,246 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0860

@CryptoGambino Getting more TUBE as well. Hearing only good things about it! :rocket:

User Avatar Zig Zag -58.0%
21 Oct, 2018

+55,000 TUBE

Bought @ $ 0.0848

TUBE: Since July TUBE has formed whats known as an inverse head and shoulders pattern. This is a common reversal pattern and you would expect a rally on the break of the neckline. In this instance you can see it rallied through the neckline level at $0.095 (The red dotted line highlights the continued neckline) however TUBE was unable sustain this level and has since dropped back to this key support at $0.085. This is a Bearish movement because not only has the price action rejected the Bullish reversal but its has broken a clear uptrend (blue dotted line). RSI and Stochastic however suggest a short term bounce which could see it retest this $0.095 level (neckline). I am looking to buy around $0.086 which has been a previous support and resistance - stop below $0.080 and take profit at $0.095. Ratio better than 1:1. Although this trade is going against the Bearish nature of the price action the market has histroically bounced when the RSI has hit the oversold level (30) and in addition one could argue a second up trend support at this level. Break this and you could reverse your position and go short.