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Crypto Parrot is here to give you a crypto and bitcoin guide that’s easy to understand for beginners, but still in depth enough to give even the experienced trader valuable tips and help.

Looking to start trading or buying real cryptos? In our in depth guides you’ll easily find the right exchange or broker for your needs.

We give you everyting from detailed reviews to up to date news on things happening in the crazy world of crypto.

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Crypto Brokers & Exchanges of the Month

There are a lot of brokers offering crypto trading these days. We stay on top of them and give you an unbiased review on what they offer and wether they represent the good, the bad or the ugly.

The brokers we choose to highlight are either ambitous newcomers or stable old timers. But you can be sure that they all meet our high quality standard to be listed amongst our prestigious Broker of the Month section.


Compare Providers Easily

If you are on the hunt for a crypto broker or exchange, we make it easy for you to compare and find the one that suits your needs. Just scroll through the list, read the highlights of each provider and dig into the details of each of them with our dedicated review.

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Popular Reviews and Articles

We have a lot of articles and things you can dig into here at Crypto Parrot – so why not start off by checking some of our most popular articles? They’re all designed to help you on your crypto journey.

What actually are cryptocurrencies anyways?

Cryptocurrencies, or just cryptos, can allow you to buy and sell anything from goods and services, to speculation for profits.

A cryptocurrency is basically a currency that has become digital. Similar to fiat money it can be used for any regular purchases, but cryptos use an online ledger with a strong encryption called cryptography that secures the online transaction.

However these digital currencies are not just used to purchase of goods and services like we mentioned, the biggest portion of activity is simply speculation where people are buying and selling to chase profits.

If you’re also looking for a place to get your hands on some crypto – definitely check out our article on the best bitcoin trading platforms.

Are there many different cryptocurrencies?

You bethca. Right now there are close to 7000 different cryptocurrencies out there. And while quite a few has come and gone, there are continuously new currencies that are becoming available.

The expected total value of the crypto market in 2021 has been anticipated to be over 2 trillion USD. The biggest chunk of that belonging to bitcoin with a value of over 1 trillion USD. That’s a lot.

Cryptocurrencies have become so popular for a wide variety of reasons. But amongst the top ones, particularly amongst the eager bitcoin supporters, is that many see them as the currency for the future. And if bitcoin is the future and becomes the way we buy and sell things, the value of bitcoin is sure to increase. This is the argument a lot of people use when buying and holding cryptos, not just bitcoin.

Similar to being the potential future of currencies, people in support of cryptos also see them as an alternative to central banks. Particularly as these governing banks often will reduce the value of money by printing additional fiat currencies and causing inflation.

Should I invest in crypto currencies?

Investing into crypto is often seen of as a more speculative play compared to a more traditional investment like buying a house. So in order for you trade or investment to make pay off, you need the asset to increase in price. In other words someone has to buy it after you.

So always do your dure diligence before investing, and of course get a better understanding of how everything works by signing up and trading on our crypto trading simulator.

You can also read our additional article that covers investing in cryptos or investing in bitcoin.

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