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Buxberg Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our Buxberg Review 2022

Buxberg is one of the latest CFD financial derivatives trading platforms to grab our attention. The site talks a good game but we want to know exactly how it stands up under scrutiny. Our team at CryptoParrot is on the case.

They promise secure 256-bit SSL encryption with ultrafast execution speeds, over 2000 instruments and superb 1:400 leverage. That combined with 30+ charting indicators and $0 fees for transactions was enough to spark our interest. We opened up a full Buxberg review of the Hong Kong-based product to see exactly how it works and if you should consider registering.

Buxberg Highlights
  • Simple, bespoke trading platform
  • Fast trade execution
  • No additional trading costs

What you’ll get as a Buxberg customer

New trading platforms will naturally lack a long-standing reputation for security in the industry. But straight off the bat, Buxberg makes it their priority to highlight how client safety is at the top of the list of priorities. They use 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the industry standard and means that your data is kept safe if online. And this goes for any card payment details as well. So while making transactions to the platform, you can rest assured that Buxberg has your back.

A great starting point for new traders

New traders at some brands will only receive small leverage, which is similar to what we found with our Demaxis review. But not here with this new and innovative product. Offering 1:400 leverage means that you are able to get in the thick of the investment action straight away. Your trade sizes can be up to 400 times the amount that you have in your balance. And these trades can be carried out on over 2000 assets. You don’t need to work your way up to this level—it’s available for newbies straight away. This gives you a huge amount of power when you get your trading journey started.

Lightning-fast trades executed in 0.02 seconds mean you can use the extensive range of instruments quickly to match movements in the market. It’s a seamless process and you won’t notice any lag when making your trades. Our Buxberg review found that there’s also the enticement of moving up the ladder and heading for more premium accounts as extra services become available to you. As an eligible customer, you get even more support and benefits from this trading partner.

The latest in high-tech tools and resources

In addition to all of the above, Buxberg offers a fantastic range of educational tools as well. They help you to build better investments and hit your goals with an extensive range of resources and top levels of client support. Take advantage of their market analysis and economic indicators to help you study movements and plan your investments properly; it all comes as standard so why not grab it with both hands?

This is all easily achieved through their proprietary software that is offered as a web-based desktop product and downloadable app. Apple and Android customers are well looked after and can get their own copy easily to get started. Mobile trades are the way forward and the Buxberg brand is definitely forward-thinking in this respect. Getting an account up and running is super convenient and should only take a few minutes. And once you are registered and get some cash into your balance, our Buxberg review team noticed that you will need to satisfy some regulatory requirements. After that, you’ll be good to go.

Buxberg Highlights
  • Simple, bespoke trading platform
  • Fast trade execution
  • No additional trading costs

Buxberg review of product usability

Finding your way around the Buxberg site is easy and logical. And any brand worth its salt would do the same, as we found out in our Finaguide review. All of the advantages and benefits of this product are clearly outlined from the start. And the brand also states its mission to build a robust and efficient foundation on which investors like yourself can begin to trade. They have a 100% client fund safety policy with zero fees and commissions which should also put your mind at rest.

The brand has opted for CFD trading which makes life nice and simple as it is permitted throughout the world. Buxberg reviews found that derivative investments like these can be easily executed through the proprietary platform and it won’t take long to get the hang of all the tools available. These are in place to assist you throughout.

A wide range of options for all your needs

They offer a variety of different accounts to allow traders to decide what kind of exposure they require. This gives a new customer the freedom to make their own decisions and begin trading comfortably. They will allow you to make a 1 micro-lot minimum trade to help ease you in gently and you can stop/start asset trades whenever you need within the trading hours. So should an investment go against you and you want to opt-out quickly, there won’t be any unnecessary losses.

We found the range of trading products is in line with the vast majority of trading platforms such as those noted in our FXRevenues review. Take your pick from Forex, stocks commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies as well. And they also have a fantastic support section that works 5 days a week 24 hours a day that you can reach. So while you are speculating on the markets, they’ll be there at your side to assist should you need any information.

Account options assessed during our Buxberg review

Many of the new trading platforms are offering a fantastic range of account options as standard. This was evident in our Maxiwyse review and with our brands too. Having a variety of options at your fingertips makes it easier to use the product in line with your requirements. As you progress through your investment journey, you can decide if you wish to upgrade your account and go for extra benefits with more advanced tools.

It all starts with the beginner account that offers a range of features including access to the markets, mobile trades with just one click and up-to-date daily analysis as standard. The minimum lot size is just 0.01 for this account as it is with all of the others. According to our Buxberg review, the minimum deposit to get going is £2,500.

Moving up through the ranks, you’ll find the standard, intermediate, advanced, integral and finally the VIP account options. At the higher end of the scale, you will need $250,000 to fund a VIP account. But the trade-off is that you can use strategies, have access to a personal account manager and enjoy invitations to special events as well.

The Buxberg trading platform details

Throughout our Buxberg review, we found that their trading platform is an intuitive piece of kit. Clients can access the program on a range of devices, as you know. And one of the advantages that this brand has over much of the competition is that the software is designed from the ground up. And this is important in terms of performance.

A bespoke collection of trading tools allows you to make changes to your own set-up and have things running how you like them. This will help eliminate any unnecessary lag and power drag on your system. It’s a simple concept designed with you in mind.

Trading payments at Buxberg

Getting started will require a minimum of $2,500 to enter your account if you start at the beginner level. This can increase to $5,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and finally $250,000 for VIP customers. This is a broad range and should suit most budgets. Getting your deposit into the account is available through debit card, credit card and e-wallet payments.

There are no fees for funding the account, regardless of which level you select. And they don’t add any unnecessary commissions for making trades either. It’s a standard CFD trading platform that offers the broker a profit through the spread.


Additional fees to be aware of

As part of our full assessment, our Buxberg review takes into account the T&Cs attached to the trading brand. Our team found that Section 5 of Buxberg’s Terms of Use outlines any potential extras that could arise when you use their platform. This is in place to cover their backs in the event of any unforeseen and unstable market conditions. A small interest rate of 4% can be imposed annually and spreads may change if necessary. If you don’t meet the statistical requirements and keep your account suitably active, then expect to hear from the brand informing you of a possible penalty.

Our Buxberg review of customer care

We discovered that it was very easy to contact the brand in case you need to ask any questions or resolve an issue. This was very similar to our findings in the Kaarat review carried out by our team as well.

They offer a live chat function, which is probably the fastest way to get in touch. Head to the support page and click on the ‘live chat’ button to begin. You will need to enter your name, email address and a message. They should get back to you straight away Monday to Friday. But don’t expect any swift coverage at the weekend. There is also a 1-800 phone number that you can use. But again, this is in use 24/5. Finally, an email address is also present for any inquiries that you may need to think about and express in a longer form.

How Buxberg is regulated

Buxberg is owned and managed by Buxberg Ltd, which is registered in Hong Kong. They have a valid business number which shows that they are correctly entered into the system in that area. They aren’t able to offer their products in the USA, North Korea or Iraq. However, the rest of the world is able to enjoy this service. Is Buxberg safe? Absolutely! They have state-of-the-art SSL encryption to protect customer data. And they also offer a 100% client fund safety policy as standard. New customers must meet strict AML and KYC rules too.

SVGFSA - St. Vincent & the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

Other features discovered during our Buxberg review

One of the additional extras that we were particularly pleased with during our Buxberg review was the Market News section. This is essentially a video that the brand produces showing how the market is changing each day. They offer advice to show how to adapt your trading styles to compensate for any unpredictable happenings. In addition, it’s also a great way to keep on top of any potential shifts that may be coming down the road.

Anyone serious about creating a long-term trading journey needs to have access to as much information as possible. And through the market news videos provided by Buxberg, clients can gain a real advantage over some of the competition.

Buxberg Forex

Buxberg Forex trading offer

Buxberg has an enormous range of instruments that includes Forex assets. Trading in CFDs means that you don’t actually have to purchase any of the foreign currency. Instead, you’re able to speculate on currency pairings and how they will fare against each other throughout the time you have a position open. Trades are made in larger lots for Forex due to the minimal shifts in price. And you will earn or lose depending on the movement up or down in the price difference. This is all standard stuff and is a widely accepted way of doing business. The range of currency pairings is fairly extensive here at Buxberg and some of the main contenders are USD/EUR, EUR/GBP, and USD/AUD. Exotic pairings include USD/NOK and USD/MXN.

Buxberg Forex trading costs

Our Buxberg review found that this brand works in a fairly standard fashion and doesn’t create any additional costs to those that we were expecting. Placing an order to speculate on currency pairings involves 2 prices; the buy price and the sell price. The difference between these two prices is called the spread and this is the difference that your trade needs to overcome as the market prices shift. This essentially gives the broker a small profit on every trade as customers are enjoying their free investment opportunities. Beyond these regular commissions or spreads, there are no additional costs incurred for funding your account or indeed keeping your account running throughout the year. Just make sure that you don’t leave it inactive and you won’t receive further fees.

Buxberg Forex trading conditions

Buxberg uses a floating spread rather than a fixed one. This means that the spread will fluctuate according to market dynamics. It’s important to recognize this as it can affect how you calculate potential returns. Leverage is set at a maximum of 1:400 for Forex. The leverage will change depending on the asset and will find parity with Buxberg crypto products, for example. The minimum micro-lot trading is offered at 0.01, which will give you 1000 units of currency for each trade. This is great news for investors who are looking to dip a toe in the water at this stage rather than dive in head first.

Buxberg product summary & conclusion

There are some fantastic features available for customers who create an account at Buxberg. The state-of-the-art platform is made to measure and provides many essential tools for traders to take advantage of. Lightning fast trades are essential to access the best prices at the right time and this brand is one of the best in that respect. Execution speeds are just 0.02 seconds. Beyond the tools and high-powered software, the brand also offers help and advice for those looking to speculate on Forex markets and others. Taking into account some of their daily expert news reports could prove to be very beneficial. This is especially true if you don’t currently have any other avenues for gaining insights right now.

Buxberg Highlights
  • Simple, bespoke trading platform
  • Fast trade execution
  • No additional trading costs

Buxberg Review FAQ

💰 What is Buxberg?

If you are new to the world of online trading, then it’s possible that you won’t have heard of this brand yet. They only released their bespoke system in 2022 but are already starting to receive many happy reviews and acquire a decent reputation.

📊 Is Buxberg reliable?

There’s a lot to consider before opening an account at one of the many online trading brands that are beginning to appear across the world. Our review will fully assess the regulation, data encryption, company registration and fund safety policy.

🪄 Should I be aware of any Buxberg scams?

Keeping your data and money protected online is of high importance. And when trying out a new company, it’s imperative that you are 100% certain that they can keep you safe. Our Buxberg review will show you everything you need to know about this brand.

Conclusion - Buxberg experience and rating

Overall, our team of review experts were very happy with their Buxberg review findings. The Buxberg brand is transparent and upfront about what it offers. And perhaps more importantly, it makes it simple to get started and enjoy trading using their product. They have a fantastic range of instruments and the feature-rich proprietary software brings a bespoke touch to give clients faster and more intuitive trades. No trading fees is always an added advantage and the high leverage will offer a fantastic chance to make larger trades through smaller account deposits. Anyone looking to change their current trading partner or get started with online trading should consider checking out this brand.

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