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Changelly Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

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Changelly is one of the most in-demand and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency cosmos as it is fast, simple, and low-priced. It is a non – custodial exchange meaning that you have exclusive control of your money.

Our Changelly reviews found the trader allows you to swap cryptocurrencies within minutes using your bank card. It carries out real-time tracking for the best available price for your swap. Providing transparent, anonymous, convenient, over-the-counter trading, and holding no liquidity makes it one of the safest and most sought-after options you can choose. It offers an uncomplicated interface for buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Offers and New Customer Experience - How to register with Changelly

Changelly has earned the trust of over 2 million users worldwide due to its reliability, as it delivers speedy transactions for crypto to crypto exchange without disclosing their clientele’s identities. The verification process is simple as you don’t require ID verification registration for swapping cryptocurrencies. This makes the new customer experience a breeze.

Changelly Highlights
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Registration is easy. Access to the Changelly exchange is via their website, mobile app, or 3rd party wallets. Each account and transaction is secured with 2-factor authentication, using a Google Authenticator app, which makes the platform safe. You provide your email account to exchange your cryptocurrency, so if you forget your password, your account is easily recoverable.

Usability - An intuitive crypto trading platform

We found completing your transaction is easy. All you do is enter the amount of the crypto you would like to exchange in the drop box. The current exchange rate, the fee to be paid, and the time it will take for the transaction to go through are indicated. The processing time is a matter of minutes giving the user the upper-hand, which is why we rate this platform simply the best. The platform is graded high when it comes to credibility, integrity and reputation as there is no record of scams or theft.

We rate the Changelly app (for Android and iOS) as brilliant for crypto on-the-go. It is user-friendly and offers the choice between floating and fixed exchange rates. The fixed-rate crypto exchange reserves the exchange rate you prefer for 15 minutes.
On the rare occasion in high traffic, we noted a slight delay in concluding transactions.

Accounts - Setting up your Changelly account

To access your Changelly crypto account, you need to input your email address or login to Google+, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. This gives you access to account settings, allows you to perform transactions, and provides your transaction history and editing of your password.

Your email address is a unique ‘locator’ of your account. Ensure to use an active email address and sign into the account regularly to prevent disablement of the account. The 2-factor authentication, via a Google Authenticator app provides account protection, and can be turned off at any time. Use of only your email address allows anonymity and guarantees maximum security. After you have completed your transaction, you will receive an email confirming the details of the transaction.

Changelly acts as a transferring agent between user’s wallets and exchange of your cryptocurrency. A crypto or digital wallet is the software “keeper” with a unique address that stores cryptocurrency information, such as secret keys, which facilitate the transactions the user places. The user’s coins and tokens are stored in the digital wallet.

In order to participate in transactions on Changelly, it is required that an existing wallet is linked. This makes Changelly a safe option as it means that accounts cannot be hacked. The crypto user’s deposits are not kept by Changelly. It is imperative that you store your wallet in a safe place as if your keys are stolen, your coins will be lost. An additional advantage is Changelly’s fast transaction engine, getting the swap done in record time.

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Trading Platforms - A convenient and superfluid trading platform

Changelly has met their main goal to make trading digital currencies on their platform absolutely seamless. Access to the platform is convenient, frictionless and superfluid. Data is updated every 8 seconds, keeping you abreast with the latest changes in price.

Changelly is also a fiat-to-currency marketplace using a credit or debit card. The app is user-friendly and most suitable for the novice cryptotrader. It also has a price-tracking screen, making prices and charts accessible. Cryptocurrency swaps can be made easily on desktop or mobile apps, at meteoric speed. The Changelly platform is focused on the needs of the user, providing fast execution, and access to 160+ cryptocurrencies. Now we think that is impressive!

Trading Payments - A flat fee of just 0.5% on crypto

Throughout our Changelly experience and rating we found charges for all crypto to crypto transactions traded is a flat fee of 0.5%.

There is a different fee structure on the currency and third-party service used, which varies depending which applies to fiat trades. Crypto purchase can be bought with your credit or debit card. Third- party companies like Moonpay and Simplex process your purchase. So, the fees charged by the third party plus Changelly’s fee make this type of transaction quite pricey. It would therefore be more profitable to buy crypto by bank transfer through an exchange like Coinbase than by credit card. Payment is accepted in USD, GBP and EUR but may not be made by PayPal.

The option is offered to make a choice between two exchange rates. You can choose either a Floating or Fixed rate. As the cryptocurrency market is volatile and each transaction has its own exchange rate, the floating rate of a transaction can change swiftly, introducing price risk, and you receive a lot less than expected. A Fixed rate corresponds with the amount the user sees on the Changelly crypto calculator at the beginning of the exchange. Block chain network fees are also charged with every transaction. We compared sites and cross-checked the prices with the live prices, Changelly was truly the lowest price. Our use of the Changelly service has been smooth, effortless and flawless.

Customer Service - Great customer support at Changelly

Trusted by more than 2 million users, the Changelly crypto team provides 24/7 live support and is one of the only cryptocurrency exchanges that does so. Our query was answered efficiently within a couple of hours. Most issues are resolved within 24 hours. Support for the user is provided through a live chat box on the website. For more complex issues or questions, the support team can also be reached by chat telephonically,or on the mobile app, email for specific enquiries or reaching the team via a ticket submitted through the extensive knowledge base. The team can also be contacted through Facebook, Telegram, Twitter or Medium. Unfortunately, Changelly is not accessible via telephone, which according to us is to the detriment of the user.

The Changelly website is conveniently available in 12 languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Portuguese, French, Turkish,Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, and Japanese.Our interaction with Changelly was relatively swift and responsive.
Details on their website include how to buy your first bitcoin, a guide to your first trade, who Changelly has integrated with for many multi currency wallets, anddaily insightful tips regarding the top performing pair. The Changelly crash course is of added value and is designed for the novice as well as the more seasoned cryptocurrency trader, wanting to sharpen his or her skills. We found the course informative as it offers the best mechanics to make crypto trading profitable and do away with trading risks.

The Changelly website is beneficial and useful, especially to the novice user as it is user-friendly with easy to understand information. They have considered the more experienced user, who requires a more feature-loaded interface by offering the Changelly PRO account. Their FAQ is insightful and provides loads of information about the service offered and how to use their website.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - Numerous security measures in place

Changelly has numerous security measures in place. Being a non-custodial and no-deposit exchange means that Changelly does not store any user funds. It is protected with HTTPS protocol, which makes it a non-viable target for hackers. Users easily make use of the two factor authentication feature on the account settings. Users of Changelly PRO protect their accounts using Yubikey.

Changelly sticks to global security standards. They also have a scoring system which detects suspicious activity and is effective against money-launderers and scammers. Should a transaction or user be flagged by the system as suspicious, activity is ceased and the user must pass AML/KYC verification.

Changelly although not regulated, has gained it’s customer’s trust by associating with Binanc and Bittrex, which are also cryptocurrency exchanges with a clean reputation. There is no record of Changelly scams, hacks or fraud.

Additional Features - What else is available at Changelly?

Changelly has been on the scene for a while. They are no longer a newcomer to the crypto cosmos but, right from inception, a one of a kind influencer. They were founded in 2015 and initially headquartered in Prague, the Czech Republic, by Konstantin Gladych. He is involved with Minergate, the biggest Monero mining pool. He was fascinated by globality, and this could be why he envisaged effortless crypto exchange for all users globally.

Changelly’s headquarters have moved to Hong Kong as it is now owned and operated by Fintechvision Limited. Changelly‘s present CEO is the intellectual ‘inventive’, Eric Benz, a well known person in the Blockchain industry. They have branches all over the world, aiming to deliver users globally with a simple, uncomplicated, and cost-efficient system to invest and swap cryptocurrencies and they certainly meet their objectives. Their professional team makes up 50 persons with vast experience eager to ensure that the user’s journey is seamless.

The Changelly exchange not only offers a platform for140 crypto-to- crypto swaps, but allows you to buy Bitcoin and Ripple with a credit or debit card. Via the use of their trading algorithm the best rates in the crypto market can be bought. we rate Changelly with loud applause and a seal of approval. We must also add that its widgets and API enable you to use its exchange services straight from your wallet.

As trading in cryptocurrencies has grown at a meteoric speed, so has the demand for a legitimate, reputable, cost-effective and safe trading platform. Changelly has ticked almost all the boxes. It’s spotless track record, plus a flat fee of 5% per trade, makes it attractive and incredibly competitive and our crypto exchange of choice.
Changelly’s only disadvantage is the much higher fiat currency exchange pricing.

Changelly Crypto

Changelly Cryptocurrency

Changelly has put together a fairly comprehensive online service and it is no wonder that plenty of cryptocurrency traders are being drawn in. They offer all the industry-leading options on the market, and you will be able to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple with ease while using their service. The service has over two million customers which gives further credit to the legitimacy of the online broker. You will also be able to access the full-features of Changelly PRO which provides invaluable insights into the market. Changelly has also partnered with Binance, Trezor, Coinomi, Exodus and Huobi Wallet which all assist in the assembly of this quality online service.

Trading Costs

With over 12 000 transactions being made each day, you will be surprised to learn that Changelly offers some of the best rates on the cryptocurrency trading market. All fees are transparent so you won’t have to search the fineprint to figure out where that portion of your money went. The transactions are also completed within 5 to 30 minutes which is about the industry standard when it comes to online cryptocurrency trading. You won’t have to pay any exorbitant fees while using the Changelly online brokerage service and you will be able to complete transactions quickly, two factors that are crucial to success within the crypto industry.

Trading Conditions

In order to trade crypto with Changelly, there are a number of conditions that you will need to adhere to before you are able to transact. The first step in the process would be to open your account within their service and go through the necessary steps to verify your details and activate your account. You will then need to have patience while the verification process is completed. Thereafter, you will be able to fund your account and trade the cryptocurrency of your choosing provided you are of age to trade and you are in a region that supports their online service. You will also need to adhere to their terms of service while your account is open and this can be found on their site.

Summary and Conclusion

The crypto trading service on offer from Changelly is certainly among the best on the market. They have managed to put together an all-inclusive package of crypto trading options and you can rapidly complete transactions while paying minimal fees. Be sure to keep the conditions of their service in mind while you are transacting as breaching any of them may result in account suspension. You won’t be disappointed with what Changelly has to offer.

Changelly Review 2023 FAQ

🔍 Where can I find a Changelly review?

If you are considering investing in some cryptocurrency, you will need an online broker to complete your transactions. Here at CryptoParrot, we have put our team of experts to the task of taking a close look at each of the brokers on the scene. Head to our page to find out more.

📖 How do I open an account with Changelly?

The process of opening an account will differ from operator to operator and our reviews have taken a close look at the entire process. You can find this information and more right here on our site. CryptoParrot has a dedicated team of experts that have compiled these reviews and articles to guide you along your crypto trading journey.

🔒 Is Changelly safe?

Whenever you are transacting online, it is always important to keep your safety in mind. There are plenty of online scams and our reviews aim at shedding some light on all the illegitimate services out there. You can find our expert section surrounding the licensing and security methods of each online operator right here at CryptoParrot.

Conclusion - Making crypto trading as effortless as possible

Changelly’s objective, making the cryptocurrency exchange process effortless, convenient and cost-efficient has certainly been met. The fact that it is non-custodial, making the user in control of their own funds, makes it very attractive. It lives up to a seamless operation as instead of depositing and withdrawing capital, the user swaps cryptocurrencies from address to address. Their mobile app lives up to what it is meant to do at a speed.

Changelly’s easy, user-friendly interface to their third-party APIs makes this exchange one of the most in-demand. Their Fixed Rate transaction option is financially beneficial as the user receives the exact amount shown when a transaction is made. For the more seasoned crypto traders, the feature-loaded Changelly PRO is recommended. Changelly’s users are content with the convenience they offer. Our review is in Changelly’s favor as it is the best cryptocurrency exchange service.

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