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Cinpax Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our Cinpax Review 2022

Welcome to our Cinpax review. We’re here to show you whether this online broker is right for your online trading needs. Take a look below and we think you’ll like what you find!

So what is Cinpax? Well, Cinpax is an online broker that lets you trade currencies, futures, and a whole lot more. We found that it offers you an easy way to trade from all over the world. But can you trust Cinpax? That’s where we come in and you’ll need to read our Cinpax review below to find out more!

Cinpax Highlights
  • Trade top shares
  • Commodities and metals
  • Top indices featured

New Customer Experience - Fast signing up process found in our Cinpax reviews

While we didn’t find any kind of welcome offer in our Cinpax review, we found it very easy to get started at this online trading site. This is because you can set up an account here within the same day.

All that we had to do was to complete the registration form on the site and then we found that Cinpax had sent us our login details via email on the same day. Bear in mind that there is a robust KYC procedure here, but that is in place to ensure your online safety and the security of your overall trading experience.

Cinpax Highlights
  • Trade top shares
  • Commodities and metals
  • Top indices featured

Usability - Good Cinpax experience and rating for site design

You can’t fault Cinpax for the sheer usability of its site. From setting up your account to making your first payments, most tasks can be carried out in a quick and intuitive manner. The overall feel of the Cinpax site is professional and functional, and this is extended to the brand’s own trading platforms that we’ll discuss below.

We should mention that there are some great Cinpax trading apps that you can use from any modern iOS or Android device. All of which should help you concentrate on your trading rather than having to figure out how the Cinpax site works.

Accounts - Five types of account found in our Cinpax review

You’ll get the choice of five different accounts at Cinpax which are called Starter, Basic, Advanced, Professional and VIP. It makes sense to begin at the Starter level where you can trade from as little as $250 and still enjoy leverage of up to 1:400.

From here, you’ll find each higher account level gives you benefits in terms of more instruments and a larger asset portfolio. So if you progress from the Starter level to the Basic level you will find that you get access to your own account manager who’ll help you create your own customized trading strategy, alongside having the use of the education center. Such an upgrade comes at the cost of an increased lot order size and a higher starting deposit size of $2,500.

Other account types such as Advanced and Professional will once again broaden your potential portfolio while demanding higher deposits. Should you make it up to the VIP level, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of extra features such as hedging, negative balance protection and low fixed pricing. All of which means that Cinpax has something to offer everyone regardless of your prior experience of online trading.

Trading Platforms - Is Cinpax reliable in terms of its trading platforms?

Unlike many other online brokers, Cinpax doesn’t use third-party trading platforms such as the ubiquitous MT4. Instead, you’ll find that the brand has its own web trading platform that offers you a very convenient way to carry out your trades. Not that the Cinpax web trader is short of features as you’ll find the full range of charting tools and algorithms for precise market analysis.

What’s best is that the web trader is sophisticated enough to handle some of the more advanced trading strategies such as hedging, while newbies will find it’s easy enough to switch between different markets and monitor the various price movements.

The web trader works on most Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and you won’t need to download any additional software to get the latest real-time quotes from the markets. Just don’t forget that you can download the Cinpax trading apps for iOS and Android devices and enjoy nearly all of the features of the web trader site.

Trading Payments - Card payments found in our Cinpax review

We found that we could easily make deposits at Cinpax via a debit or credit card brand such as Visa and Mastercard. There is also the option to make a wire transfer, although this has to be from a minimum of $50 at a time. It’s here that we should note you have to deposit at least $250 to start trading at Cinpax.

You’ll find that your deposits should be instantly added to your account, although it’s worth noting that withdrawals may take between one and five business days to be processed. Just so you know, there are no fees for making deposits or withdrawals at Cinpax.


Fees – No Cinpax scams with its fees

So the good news here is that Cinpax doesn’t charge any commission fees for the trades that you execute on its site. However, it’s worth noting that the fees will be incorporated into your trades depending on what kind of account you use. On the whole, these fees were broadly in line with what you’d find at most rival online brokers. Just so you know, there are no fees for setting up or having an inactive account.

Customer Service - Quality customer care found in our Cinpax review

We were delighted to find that Cinpax operates a responsive and helpful customer service team. All that you have to do to get in touch is to hit the Help icon in the website header and this reveals a live chat service, a dedicated customer support email address and even a telephone number.

We also appreciated the fact that you can reach out to Cinpax via its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels. Our only reservation here was the fact that the FAQ section on the Cinpax was a little threadbare. Still, there’s enough here to make you feel well taken care of at Cinpax.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - Is Cinpax safe for online trading?

We found that Cinpax is a trading company that operates under the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This provides some reassurance that Cinpax is acting lawfully and will give you a fair and secure way to carry out your trades. While you can legally use Cinpax from many countries across the world, the online broker doesn’t accept customers from the US.

SVGFSA - St. Vincent & the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

There are lots of trust features found on the Cinpax site. These range from things like a comprehensive page of terms and conditions that shows you how the brand operates to some handy articles relating to risk disclosure, KYC policy, privacy and policy and so on. All of which shows that Cinpax is an online broker you can trust.

Additional Features - What else we discovered in our Cinpax review

Lots of trading platforms give you more facilities and options than you’re ever going to need, but Cinpax keeps things nicely simple. The only thing to mention here is the fact that some of the more advanced accounts give you access to a range of specialist trading tools. These include an exclusive daily market analysis, access to the education center and some nicely customizable price alerts. Perfect for enjoying a more professional way to trade.

Cinpax Futures

Futures trading offer - Many futures trades found in our Cinpax review

Cinpax offers you a great way to trade futures on a massive variety of assets. These range from shares in market leading tech firms to a variety of commodities, energies and valued metals. What’s best is that you can even trade in futures for stock indices. All of which should help you to build a nicely balanced portfolio to handle whatever the market throws at you.

Futures trading costs - Nothing to worry about here

We’ve already talked about how Cinpax doesn’t include any basic commission fees and that’s something that’s thankfully extended to its futures trading service. This means that you don’t have to worry about commission fees cutting into your returns, although you should be careful because such fees will be absorbed into each futures trade that you make.

Futures trading conditions - Leveraged trading found in our Cinpax review

Once again, you can benefit from trading futures with high leverage at Cinpax. The fact that you can trade futures with leverage as high as 1:400 is hugely attractive, although it’s worth reminding you that such high leverage trading can have its risks. This is doubly important when it comes to futures trading where you are essentially agreeing to make a trade on an asset at a specific price at a fixed point in the future. Thankfully, Cinpax gives you access to a wealth of tools and analytics you can use to ensure that your trades are sensibly guided.

Conclusion - Great results in our Cinpax review

Cinpax has managed to make futures trading something that even those with relatively little experience of online trading can do. After all, you are presented with a wealth of futures trading choices that cover all of the big-hitters of the stock market along with some reliable commodities such as energies. All of this is made much more attractive thanks to the high leverage offered by Cinpax although you should always be careful when trading like this. So for a quick and easy way to get started with futures trading, you could do a lot worse than to sign up to Cinpax!

Cinpax Highlights
  • Trade top shares
  • Commodities and metals
  • Top indices featured
Cinpax Forex

Forex trading offer - Lots of currencies and Cinpax crypto trades

Forex trading is a key reason so many people sign up to Cinpax and it’s easy to see why. This is because Cinpax offers you access to the full range of currency pairs that you’d get anywhere else. These include all of the major global currencies such as US dollar, euro, British pound sterling, Canadian dollar and so on.

But what takes Cinpax to the next level is the fact that you can even trade cryptocurrencies here. While you may not be able to trade some of the more obscure coins, the fact that you can trade the likes of Bitcoin gives Cinpax a big advantage over some more mainstream online brokers.

Forex trading costs - Negligible fees found in our Cinpax review

We loved forex trading at Cinpax because there was absolutely nothing in the way of commission fees. Instead of this, you’ll find each charge is incorporated into the trades you carry out.  This offers a much more straightforward way to execute your forex trades, and what’s best is that such costs are just as good as you’d get at most major forex trading sites. All of which should offer you great value on your forex trades.

Forex trading conditions - Fast and flexible forex trading

You’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits of a high liquidity market once you start trading forex at Cinpax. With low price differences, it’s up to you to analyze the price movements of the currencies and execute your trades accordingly. We should definitely mention the fact that you can gain leverage of anywhere between 1:1 and 1:400 at Cinpax. This means that you can invest with a low amount of capital and still enjoy all of the benefits of the market. Just so you know, the minimum lot order for the starter account is set at 0.1.

Conclusion - Top forex broker found in our Cinpax review

We found that Cinpax offers you a trustworthy and user-friendly way to enjoy forex trading. You’ll find all of the major currency pairings here and the addition of crypto trading is a nice touch. When you factor all of this in alongside the lack of commission fees, it gives you yet another reason to sign up to Cinpax. So create your account and look forward to a no-nonsense way to benefit from forex trading.

Cinpax Highlights
  • High liquidity market
  • Many currency pairings
  • Trade cryptos here

Cinpax review FAQ

👮Is Cinpax trading legal?

Read our Cinpax review to see if this online trading site is acting legally. In our review, we’ll look at everything from how Cinpax is regulated to which jurisdictions it’s legally allowed to operate in. This means that you can see if it’s a safe option for your online trading needs or whether you’d be better served at another site like the one found in our Demaxis review instead.

💪Which is the best day trading platform?

Check out our Cinpax review to see whether this online trading platform has what it takes to be among the best day trading sites. After all, we saw some pretty impressive trading action when we carried out our Finaguide review, and so Cinpax will definitely have its work cut out. Thankfully our review is here to quickly tell you whether Cinpax is right for your trading needs!

👀Is Cinpax an MT4 broker?

Make sure that you read our Cinpax review to see whether this is one of those online trading platforms that uses the MT4 software. All of this is important because you only have to read our CryptoGo365 review to see the kind of impact different trading platforms have on the overall user experience. So read our review and see if Cinpax uses MetaTrader 4.

🏆Who are the top forex brokers?

Be sure to read our Cinpax review to see whether this site has what it takes to be among the top forex brokers. There’s plenty of competition out there as can be seen from our FXRevenues review, and so Cinpax will have to put in a decent performance. Thankfully our reviews always go in deep to make sure you understand exactly what kind of forex trading experience you’ll get.

🔮Is Cinpax one of the best brokers for futures trading?

There are lots of excellent futures trading sites out there and you only have to read our Maxiwyse review for a good example of this. So make sure that you check out our Cinpax review to see what this platform is like at futures trading, and we’ll examine all of the other kinds of trading you can enjoy at this online broker site.

Conclusion - Key themes of our Cinpax review

Cinpax has put on a quality online trading platform that’s worth a look for anyone with an interest in forex and futures trading. One of the major pros of using this site is the lack of commission fees and we loved how easy it was to use the Cinpax web trader.

Some people may find that Cinpax doesn’t have the same degree of specialization as some other online brokers, but we found that it offers a good entry level for all of those new to online trading. So make sure that you sign up to Cinpax and start trading!

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