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FiatVisions Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our FiatVisions Review 2022

Anyone interested in accessing a new and exciting form of online trading should check out our FiatVisions review. We’ve got all of the unbiased info you need to decide how you feel about the brand and potentially open an account.

They offer a great range of trading instruments along with many helpful tools that will help get you started and take your hobby to the next level. In addition, you’ll also see that the leverage available blows some of its competitors out of the water. So this is definitely a brand to watch for both newbies and veterans.

FiatVisions Highlights
  • Easy to use software
  • Many bespoke features
  • Great range of accounts and benefits

The new customer experience at Fiatvisions

While new customers won’t receive any promotional offers when creating an account, they will get their hands on a whole lot of trading power. And all of this comes as standard when creating a new account. You will need to comply with the AML and KYC laws in Mauritius in order to get the ball rolling.

This brand has created its own proprietary software which gives targeted access to hundreds of different markets around the world. It also has a number of tools to help with the trading process. Our Fiatvisions review found that all major currency pairings are available as well as global stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies too.

New traders will also be happy to know that the brand provides mobile applications as well. It’s simple to get a copy for Android or iPhone by heading to the respective application stores. One of the major benefits that comes as standard with this brand is the unrivaled customer service. We’ve seen many fantastic Fiatvisions reviews pertaining to the friendly staff, timely responses and an eagerness to keep customers happy.

You’ll also enjoy some fantastic trading leverage as well. This means that it won’t take as much financial input on your behalf to be able to trade with larger figures. Forex pairings start with a leverage of 1:200 and can go up to 1:400, depending on your account type. Commodities, indices and stocks are all competitive as well. Crypto leverage is set at a fairly standard 1:1.

FiatVisions Highlights
  • Easy to use software
  • Many bespoke features
  • Great range of accounts and benefits

FiatVisions review of product usability

Getting to grips with any trading platform can be a tricky subject. And even as a seasoned professional, casting your eyes over an independent platform like this will take a little getting used to. One of the great ways that this brand helps ease you into the scenario is to offer research and analysis tools.

You will have access to helpful materials that will teach you more about financial markets and the instruments that are available. This is an important aspect as a little research will go a long way before embarking on a trading adventure. As we found in our CryptoGo365 review and several others, most brokers try to offer transparent and trustworthy trading throughout their websites and applications—customers won’t stick around for long otherwise. And FiatVisions does seem to be upholding this end of the bargain well.

You’ll find it easy to use the tools available to prepare your trades. And if there are any issues, then there is a live chat section at your disposal. If you want extra features to help enhance your experience, then you will have to pay for it. Not as a fee but with the size of your minimum deposit. But for most customers, the basic tools needed are there with the beginner account. You’ll need a minimum of $5,000 to fund this account. But more on this in a moment.

FiatVisions account options

It is fairly standard for a trading platform to offer various account levels. As we discovered during our Demaxis review, the different levels bring more benefits and this can help enhance your trading experience.

The most basic account option available at FiatVisions is the Beginners account. With this, you will need to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to begin trading. In return, you have access to many features the product offers. These include floating bid/ask difference, mobile trading and a personal account manager as well. And the last point is particularly important as many brands don’t offer any dedicated account management. This is a big plus for any FiatVisions review.

You are able to move up by upgrading to a basic account which requires a minimum of $25,000. And for this, you have additional daily technical signals. The silver account requires $100,000 to be deposited and gains you access to the trading academy as well as all of the above benefits. There is also a VIP account that gives you the full set of tools but will require a million dollars in your account.

So depending on your level of use and how in-depth you wish to go with your trading, there are options to suit everybody. If you’ve never been introduced to online trading before, then it’s always best to go for the Beginners account and you can always work your way up from there if you want to.

With all of the accounts, it’s possible that you’ll be charged an inactivity fee if you don’t trade for a 1-year period. And our FiatVisions review also found that accounts with less than $100 sitting in the balance can be closed down.

A bespoke trading platform

The FiatVisions brand only started in 2021 but it has already gone against the grain and has attempted to make a name for itself. Most new brands simply implement MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or 5 platforms to offer their services. But our FiatVisions review discovered that this company is different. So is FiatVisions reliable? Yes, the team has invested heavily in creating a bespoke product and has produced a decent piece of proprietary software.

There are state-of-the-art technical analysis tools that are extremely powerful and this gives them a real edge over some of the competition as you’ll see from our Finaguide review, for example. They have also been able to listen to user testing feedback and make aesthetic changes that many traders will prefer over the standard platforms that many brands use.

You can access the trading platform via the web-based integration at the FiatVisions website enjoying easy access at your fingertips. It’s simple to get started once your account is open and you simply need to log in and access your available tools and trades. You’ll see existing investments clearly laid out showing you exactly how they’re performing in real-time.

In addition, it’s also possible to take this product with you wherever you go thanks to the downloadable applications. Mobile access is a must in today’s modern trading environment and both Android and Apple customers will be very happy with the results. The powerful technology we found in our FiatVisions review enables fast trading with low-latency meaning all details are super relevant as you make your purchase.

FiatVisions review of trading payments

As with all online trading products, the fees will depend on the types of trades that you make. The spread offers the broker a cut of the potential profits and these are higher on more volatile markets than others. FiatVisions’ variable spreads are in-line with standard market practices; so no cause for concern there. There’s a minimum position size of 0.01, which is quite normal for stocks over $1. There’s a 1-3 pip spread on majors and as we mentioned, the max leverage is set at 400.

Any customers that decide to opt for the VIP treatment we’ll see more favorable spreads when choosing their investments. However, this comes courtesy of the fact that you need to deposit a hefty amount of cash in the first place. Only you can decide if having 1 million dollars of your hard-earned cash tied up is worth the additional benefits that come with it.

Payments are made into your account by using Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin. There are various payment platforms available that facilitate these. Throughout our FiatVisions review, we found that you can choose debit card, credit card as well as e-wallets too. If you’re going to use the FiatVisions crypto option, then you will need a crypto wallet to make it possible to move your money into your FiatVisions account.

All funds held in your account are converted and kept as USD. Regardless of where you live and open your account, everybody has the same basic currency setting.


The cost of running a FiatVisions account

Additional fees often go hand-in-hand with online trading partners. Our FXRevenues review found similar results and it’s something worth considering before signing up. Beyond the standard spread profits, there may also be an annual interest rate of 4% applied to your account. The terms and conditions state that this is for accounts that do not qualify for their statistical requirements. It isn’t clear exactly what that means from the small print and may be a minor detail that you’d like to resolve when considering putting pen to paper.

There are further undisclosed fees for swaps and rollovers. And on the subject of swaps, customers of Muslim faith can request an Islamic/swap-free account that will not incur any interest payments or allow you to benefit from them either.

How our FiatVisions review rates their customer service

It is possible to contact the FiatVisions team any time of day or night. On the desktop website, simply look for the message icon where you can request to speak to an agent at any time. This live chat is fantastic for resolving all kinds of issues and should have you back up and running ASAP. They also provide an email address as well as a phone number.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance

FiatVisions is regulated by the FSC in Mauritius. This organization is responsible for overseeing all non-banking financial products that operate in the area. They ensure that brands keep up with AML and KYC protocols and should provide you with some level of confidence.

SVGFSA - St. Vincent & the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

Further FiatVisions features

One of the additions to the FiatVisions product that we particularly like is the client education aspect. They take their role seriously in educating and assisting traders throughout their journey. Providing a minimum deposit gains you access to the education center which is packed full of resources. Key info provided by professionals with many years of experience in the industry will help traders make better decisions.

FiatVisions Forex

FiatVisions Forex trading offer

Implementing CFD rather than spot trading allows FiatVisions to offer various commodities, indices and metals markets as well. There’s also the addition of cryptocurrency giving a broad range of opportunities for traders to take advantage of. The trades come with a fair range of leverage going up to 400 currency trading right down to 1:1 for crypto. Having a 1:400 leverage on currency pairs is fantastic as it means that for every dollar that you trade from your balance you’ll be able to go for much larger investments. Some of the main Forex pairings available are USD/EUR, GBP/USD and YEN/USD. And those looking for exotic trades can get involved with EUR/HUF, EUR/PLN and USD/SEK as well.

FiatVisions Forex trading costs

As with most online brokers, the main source of commission for trading platforms like FiatVisions is the spread between regular trade prices. The same was true in our Maxiwyse review and continues to be the most cost-effective way for everybody to benefit. The spreads are variable on this platform and will depend on the trade that you are going for. Comparing FiatVisions with other trading platforms shows that they are competitive. There are other fees mentioned in the terms and conditions that you may want to take note of. Inactivity on your account as well as other potential commissions that can come into play at various times for swaps etc. requires a little clarity.

FiatVisions Forex trading conditions

The minimum position size of 0.01 is fine for most assets over $1 and pip spreads on majors of 1-3 should keep many traders happy. The brand makes it simple to take advantage of regular trading tools that go some way towards enhancing the possible profitability of an investment. And ensuring fast, low-latency strikes means the customers will benefit from the most accurate information available at that time. Their CFD trades are available for customers in all countries where the brand is permitted to operate. Unfortunately, our FiatVisions review found that you can’t access this product in the United States, Iraq or North Korea.

FiatVisions product summary & conclusion

Thanks to the web-based proprietary platform offered by FiatVisions, there are many unique features worth accessing for the investor. The site is laid out in a very user-friendly fashion and this extends onto the app as well. Making trades is fast and accurate and having regulation for all of the financial activity through the FSC in Mauritius is a fantastic plus. While a little more clarity surrounding exact spread sizes and other potential fees would be welcome, there are many positive aspects to this brand that are worth talking about.

FiatVisions Highlights
  • Easy to use software
  • Many bespoke features
  • Great range of accounts and benefits

Fiat Visions Review FAQ

🔒Is FiatVisions safe?

When considering investing in the online trading market, it’s always worth noting how safe a brand is. They should be regulated and offer assurances that guarantee simple payouts and reasonable fees with protection for the customer from every angle. We’ll show you exactly how FiatVisions fares in this respect so you can decide if it is the right place for you to create an account.

📈 What is FiatVisions?

If you’ve never used an online trading platform before, then the whole process can seem a little daunting. What you need is an independent overview of the top brands that are available in this niche. Our Fiatvisions review aims to give you an unbiased and honest opinion of everything that the brand has to offer. Using this info, you can decide which product works best for you and your money.

💥 Are there FiatVisions scams?

Untrustworthy brands and scams do exist in the world of online investing. This is why it is super important for you as the customer to consider your options very carefully. Independent review specialists like CryptoParrot will only present the details for companies that they have fully assessed. We will report our findings to you covering every aspect of the brand that you need to know about.

Conclusion - FiatVisions experience and rating

Many aspects of the brand have led us to give a favorable FiatVisions review. The platform is simple and easy to use but at the same time very powerful in its approach. Having created their own bespoke software gives them an edge over the competition and allows them to fine-tune the tools available. There is a decent size leverage with all products and spreads appear to be in line with industry standards. Getting an account up and running is easy and being regulated by the FSC in Mauritius also adds to their credibility.

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