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Finaguide Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our Finaguide Review 2022

Our Finaguide review was seriously impressed with what we found at this online trading platform. Keep reading this guide to see why Finaguide is a great option for your forex and crypto trades.

So what is Finaguide? Well, it’s an online broker that lets you trade over 1,200 assets. These include many forex currencies and an impressive amount of cryptocurrencies. All of which should give you an easy way to trade online. But is Finaguide safe? Good question and one that we’ll answer in our Finaguide review below!

Finaguide Highlights
  • All major pairs
  • Exotic currencies featured
  • Potentially high leverage

Offers and New Customer Experience - How we started this Finaguide review

Never experienced online trading before? Then you have nothing to worry about at Finaguide. This online broker makes it supremely easy to set up your account and start trading in a matter of hours.

All you have to do is to click on the Start Trading button and then fill in the registration form. This means giving Finaguide some personal info like your name, address, email, phone number, and you’ll also need to select your base currency for trading.

While there was no welcome offer on when we carried out this review, there is a space in the registration form for filling in any relevant promo codes. Next it’s simply a matter of completing the KYC process. This merely means providing some personal identification such as a driving license or a passport. Once this is done, you’ll find that Finaguide will verify your account and then you can make  an opening deposit of at least $2,500 and start trading. Simple!

Finaguide Highlights
  • All major pairs
  • Exotic currencies featured
  • Potentially high leverage

Usability - Top site and apps found in these Finaguide reviews

Finaguide has a website that is seriously stylish with a dark and inviting color scheme of blacks, purples, pinks and orange. What’s best is the fact that this website is fairly straightforward to navigate around with intuitive ways to do things like login, contact customer support and make your deposits and withdrawals.

We’ll talk about the trading platforms below, but these proved to be supremely fast and they operated in a glitch-free manner. Above all, the main impression that we got here was that Finaguide is a professionally run operation who is keen to put on a user-friendly and intuitive online trading service.

This is something that is extended to the mobile trading options. Here you can download iOS and Android Finaguide apps to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all of the many different trades from the convenience of a small screen.

Accounts - Six different accounts discovered in our Finaguide review

We found no less than six different kinds of trading accounts at Finaguide. Here’s a brief overview of what’s available.

Beginner: The entry-level account which gives you standard access to the market with one-click trading options as well as mobile trading. Here you’ll just have EUR and USD as the base currencies and you can get started with a $2,500 minimum deposit.

Standard: This is the next level where you’ll receive an increased level of specialization alongside access to an Islamic-style of swap-free trading. Bear in mind that the minimum deposit for a Standard account is $5,000.

Intermediate: Featuring a greater range of analytics and trading resources, the Intermediate account can be unlocked with a $25,000 minimum deposit.

Advanced: A good option for traders looking for expert trading opportunities and all of the required resources such as key market SMS and push alerts. It’s yours with a deposit of $50,000 or more.

Integral: One for experienced and professional traders where you get private account management and full access to all of the trading instruments. Bear in mind that you must deposit at least $100,000 to get the Integral account.

VIP: You need a hefty $250,000 deposit to unlock the VIP account but this will give you custom access to exclusive trading instruments alongside private account management and invites to exclusive VIP events.

Trading Platforms - Web-based and downloadable software powered our Finaguide review

You get the choice of two main trading terminals when you sign up to Finaguide. There’s the option to download the Finaguide trading software to your computer or you can simply use the WebTrader from your browser window. We should mention here that there are some great Finaguide apps that you can download to your iOS or Android mobile device.

We carried out the bulk of this review on the WebTrader software and found that it worked just fine. It’s easy enough to use for even rookies, but it has enough advanced trading features and charting tools for those who need them.

What really impressed us was the speed of trade execution and it was remarkably easy to switch between markets for forex, cryptos and so on. Obviously, you’ll get full access to all of the relevant charts to plot the price movements of your relevant assets, and there is a wealth of analytics available to help you make sense of the data.

Trading Payments - Are there any Finaguide scams in its payments?

You should know that Finaguide features three kinds of base currencies for online trading – US dollars, euros and British pounds. Finaguide features a relatively high minimum opening deposit of $2,500 but you are free to do this with trusted payment providers such as all of the regular cards as well as bank transfers. Bear in mind that deposits may take over one working day to show up in your account.

It’s a pretty similar picture for making withdrawals from Finaguide. The one thing to note here is that you have to withdraw from a minimum of $50 at a time when using a wire transfer. Thankfully we found that our withdrawals went through relatively quickly and we weren’t hit with any withdrawal fees.


Fees – Competitive fees found in our Finaguide review 

Finaguide is nicely transparent about all of the fees that it charges. To be honest, the brand has done away with many of the fees and charges that you get at other online trading platforms. This means that you can do things like trade without commission fees and make deposits and withdrawals without any charges. One fee to be aware of is the one where you get charged if you leave your account inactive for over one year, so keep that in mind!

Customer Service - Our Finaguide experience and rating for customer care

You get a warm welcome from the customer service team at Finaguide as soon as you load up the online trading site. This invites you to use the handy live chat service so you hit the ground running with your online trades. We couldn’t tell whether the live chat support was available 24/7, but it seemed to be operational no matter what time of day or night we used it.

Beyond this live chat you can also contact Finaguide via an email support form or by telephone. There is also the option to use the social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. While there is a FAQ section, it could do with some fleshing out on some of the answers, but it’s still worth a closer look.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - Is Finaguide reliable?

We found that Finaguide is a fully registered business that has its base in the financial hub of Hong Kong. The brand is reassuringly transparent about its physical address and the site features a wealth of legal documents to prove that it is legit. This can be seen in everything from the terms and conditions to the KYC policy, the privacy policy and even the handy refund policy. While we didn’t see any kind of deposit insurance, your data and money will be safe at Finaguide thanks to the robust use of digital encryption technologies.

SVGFSA - St. Vincent & the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

Additional Features - What else we discovered in our Finaguide review

While Finaguide has put together a sleek and effective site, there are a few extra features which may be of interest. These include things like a shortlist of all of the trading hours, a handy economic calendar and even a resource showing you the relevant contract expiry dates. All of which should help keep your online trading a little more organized.

Finaguide Forex

Forex Trading Offer - Popular forex pairings found in our Finaguide review

Signing up to Finaguide gives you access to being able to trade in well over 80 unique currency pairs. These obviously include all of the major pairings such as USD/EUR and USD/GBP, but Finaguide goes beyond this to let you enjoy trading many exotic currency pairs too. So whether you want to trade major currencies, exotics or crosses, you’ll find something to enjoy at Finaguide.

Forex Trading Costs - Commission-free trades discovered in this Finaguide review

Much has been made of Finaguide’s commission-free trading model and it’s easy to see why. This is because, unlike many mainstream forex trading sites, you won’t have to pay a single cent in commission here. Instead, you’ll find that any trading costs are contained within the price of each trade that you make. It might sound complicated, but it all adds up to some great value forex trading.

Forex Trading Conditions - Get leverage up to 1:400

Leveraged trading might be risky, but Finaguide gives you all of the tools you need to balance risk and reward with your forex trades. This is because you can get leverage of up to 1:400 here which means that you could make a significant return even if you only execute a trade with a small stake. Bear in mind that such leveraged trading can often go catastrophically wrong.

Conclusion - Highlights from our Finaguide review

We think that anyone with an interest in forex trading will appreciate what Finaguide has done here. The broker has simply done away with a lot of the complex mechanisms that put some people off forex trading. Thankfully this doesn’t come at the expense of limited trading options as you’ll find all of the major and exotic pairings you’re likely to need. Highly recommended.

Finaguide Highlights
  • All major pairs
  • Exotic currencies featured
  • Potentially high leverage
Finaguide Crypto

Crypto Trading Offer - All major coins found in our Finaguide review

We found that it’s easy to invest in the rampant success of cryptocurrencies at Finaguide. This is because you can go long or short on any number of coins at the online broker site. While you might gain access to trades on more coins at some specialist crypto trading platforms, you can still trade the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRP and so on here.

Crypto Trading Costs - A big reason why we love Finiguide

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be incredibly expensive and gone are the days where anyone could expect to buy a single Bitcoin. Thankfully, Finaguide has given you a way to trade cryptos regardless of what your budget is. This is because you can trade in small increments here and what’s best is the fact that Finaguide has done away with any kind of commission fees. All of which should add up to some great value crypto trading.

Crypto Trading Conditions - Enjoy high leverage trades at Finiguide

Crypto trading is volatile by nature, but you can add even more drama to your trades with the leverage trading model featured at Finaguide. This means that you can trade cryptos at a leveraged rate of as low as 1:1 or take it up all the way to 1:400. You’d probably need nerves of steel to trade cryptos with this kind of leverage, but we guess that it’s good to have the option.

Conclusion - Our take on the Finaguide crypto trading service

There are certainly more in-depth crypto trading platforms out there, but Finaguide simply cuts out a lot of the unnecessary noise and gives you a fast and flexible way to trade everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum. Our favorite part of this had to be the lack of commission fees, although it was nice to see that you could get high leverage should you wish. All in all, a good option for those new to crypto trading.

Finaguide Highlights
  • Top cryptos featured
  • Leveraged trading option
  • No commission fees

Finaguide Review FAQ

✅Is Finaguide safe?

We would never recommend that you sign up to any online broker unless we had tested it for safety ourselves. You only have to look at our FXRevenues review to see how much emphasis we put on online security. So make sure that you read our Finaguide review to see how this broker is regulated, what kind of security it offers, and how safe you’ll be there.

🏆Which is the best day trading platform?

There are plenty of great online brokers out there who offer you some excellent day trading opportunities. The broker that we found in our Maxiwyse review was just one example of this but we’re always on the lookout for more. So be sure to read our Finaguide review to see what kinds of day trading possibilities this broker has and see how they compare to the market.

🎁Is there a Finaguide welcome offer?

Lots of online trading platforms put on some kind of welcome offer to encourage you to sign up to their services. So check out our Finaguide review to see if there is any kind of sign up bonus waiting for you here. Don’t forget that you can check out other guides of other brokers like our Kaarat review to see if other trading sites have some handy welcome offers.

❓How does Finaguide trading work?

We found that trading at Finaguide works in roughly a similar way to what we found in our Stockoza review. However, there are a few important differences that you will need to be aware of. So make sure that you read our Finaguide review to see what you can trade at this online broker site and get first-hand knowledge of how this kind of online trading works.

👀Is there a Finaguide demo account?

Make sure that you read our Finaguide review to see what kinds of accounts you are offered at this online broker site. Our review will let you see whether these include any kind of demo account or whether you will always have to put your own money down. After all, demo accounts can be useful in seeing whether a site is right for you or whether you need to try another broker like the one found in our Greendax review instead.

Conclusion - Another positive Finaguide review

Finaguide has done a solid job of giving you a safe and easy way to enter the world of forex and crypto trading. The overall feel of the site is legit and the WebTrader platform is reassuringly easy to use. Plus there’s enough scope here for even experienced traders to feel welcome thanks to the extensive variety of account packages. While the minimum deposit is high, we think that Finaguide is still worth a closer look. So sign up to Finaguide and see what kinds of trades you can make here!

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