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Check Our Ratings and Reviews for 2024, rated #1 global forex leader, caters from the novice to the more seasoned, high-volume trader by offering an extensive range of asset classes for trading in online foreign currency exchange, CFDs, indices, gold, silver, bonds, cryptocurrencies and more.

This review highlights the reasons why this connoisseur is the trading cosmos’ leader, providing profitable trading opportunities, especially in the range of tradable currencies. They offer competitively priced trades, reliable trading orders execution, low account minimums and a navigable platform. They are the broker of choice for individuals looking to trade FX and CFDs from a home base.

Rating Highlights
  • Comparatively low fees
  • World-renowned MT5 platform
  • Excellent reputation around the globe

Offers and New Customer Experience - What can you get from offers options in choosing the right account according to your needs. The Standard Account is a good fit to trade forex with spreads, which are cost inclusive. KYC verification is required, so once personal information etc., are supplied and substantiated, your account is opened instantly.

You will be able to play the forex market by buying one foreign currency while selling another. The initial deposit is at least 100 of your selected base currency, however as the forex market is volatile, advises that a stronger deposit, minimum of $2,500, will give you more flexibility.

CFDs of top shares like Tesla, Google, Amazon and commodities can be traded in a rising or falling market, at a low commission. Holding positions in cryptos without a virtual wallet, and accessing cryptocurrencies with less capital due to leveraging, exposes you to an alternative way to profit.

Rating Highlights
  • Comparatively low fees
  • World-renowned MT5 platform
  • Excellent reputation around the globe

Usability - A user-friendly trading platform

Before we got to trading, we made use of a demo account to find our way around. We are particularly impressed with the user-friendly trading platforms, integrated Reuters news, and global research. The ‘polished’ automated analysis tools with actionable picks, in-depth volatility analysis, and automated  intraday technical analysis allow you more time to trade with confidence, and are included free of cost on both the desktop and web platforms. The intuitive design of the platform makes use uncomplicated, simple, and effortless.

We tested the user -friendly, well-designed mobile app that allows you to remain up to date while you are out and about. With the ability to use analysis tools, execute trades, access Reuters news and the latest economic calendar, fund your account and limit risk by entering a stop loss order. is considered the best place to trade for high-volume trading at times of volatility causing big price swings.

Accounts - Three choices from offers the choice of 3 flexible account types to match your price needs.

The Standard Account charges no commission, as the cost is included in the spread. Excellent trade executions, and the use of sophisticated platforms with analysis are included. Cost rebates may be received on high volume monthly trades. This choice is supported on the web and mobile app.

The Commission Account offers reductions on ultra tight spreads, low fixed commissions on an excellent trading platform. This account option is for high-volume traders. Through Active Trader, you are able to earn rebates of up to 15%  in monthly volume and be credited for bank fees on wire transfers. Rebates are actioned into your account in five business days of the next month and you are supported by a Market Strategist. A minimum of $10 000 or $25 000 in volume in a calendar month gives you access to this benefit. This option is not available if your account has been opened by an Introducing Broker or is a managed account.

The third option is a Direct Market Access Account or a DMA Account, which is for experienced, high-volume traders, whose trades are executed on price received from banks and liquidity providers. The benefits of this account is no spread is paid and receipt  of volume discounts increase according to the amount traded. The DMA account has multiple levels of liquidity,  and the capacity to trade the top of book spreads. Positions held overnight are charged swap fees. This is an industry norm.

Trading Platforms - A choice of platforms for users

There are 3 platforms to choose from, a web option, mobile app on Android and iOS, and a desktop application. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the gold standard retail platform for currency trading.

Traders who prefer the sophisticated MT4 trading platform must opt for the Standard Account. It is also available on the trading app. Metatrader includes both MT4 and MT5 with approximately 600 instruments available.

The platform on desktop version has many highly-rated features such as trading signals, trading strategies, market commentary and analysis. These features will give the trader some of the tools required to trade. For the novice trader, there is a 10 tip step by step useful tutorial on the demo account. When it comes to charting one can choose between 10 different chart types, 14 time frames and 60 indicators. The demo account is available for a period of 30 days.

Advanced trading is the desktop platform which best caters for the experienced trader with

the  Active Trader programme which has five different pricing tiers offering advanced charting  and numerous customizable technical indicators.

For the not-too-serious trader we recommend the Web Trading Platform. The smooth use gives the trader the ability to place trades, check out research and examine the global markets.

The mobile app accommodates trading, analyzing, accessing analysis, and placing stop loss orders.An alternative option is Web Trading View which is a chart web app The user is protected encryption technology to guarantee  the highest level of security cover.

Trading Payments - Varied charges across accounts

Trading fees are for entering and exiting a trade in either commission, a spread or a financing rate. Non-trading fees are for depositing and withdrawing money or pausing to trade for a while known as inactivity gets a thumbs up from us on not charging deposit fees or withdrawal fees Their inactivity fee is low at €15 per month after one year of inactivity.

On a Standard Account, you are charged for the spread only. Commission is only charged on Equities and on low variable FX spreads when you trade Forex pairs, on a Commission account. A flat fee of $5 commission is charged for every 100K on execution of entering and exiting a trade, plus a spread fee. So if you enter a 200,000USD/GBP trade, you are charged $10 for the commission fee, and a spread amount of $2. An overnight rate is charged on leveraged positions held for longer than a day. pricing is low, transparent, and competitive. accepts deposits made by credit or debit cards, and bank transfer.  You can log into the “MyAccount” and view the currency-specific bank transfer details once you have a live account.

Customer Service - Live chat and phone support available’s website states that clients may reach the company representatives either via online chat, telephone call, website client support. We were unable to find a telephone contact number on the website. We were directed to a notice that advised that they are experiencing high call volumes due to market volatility and advised to make contact via Live chat. We were assisted quickly and efficiently. If your need is to speak to an agent/representative, start your chat with the word ‘agent’. We were advised to send an email as we had numerous questions.

The Live chat agent informed us that staff are available to assist with accounts 24 hours a day from 10am Sunday to 5pm Friday EST. Operation exists in more than 140 countries where online trading is permitted. These  include Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Malta, South Africa.  Trading is restricted to certain products available to citizens in the USA, where only Spot gold and silver may be traded. Cryptocurrency and CFD trading is not permitted in the UK, and USA.Canada restricts CFDs on Cryptocurrencies. You may be assisted in English, Chinese and Arabic at

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - A safe and secure trading platform

Our rating and experience found the trader is highly regulated by a number of top-tiered financial authorities globally, such as the National Futures Association (USA), Financial Conduct Authority (UK), and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and by regulators in seven jurisdictions worldwide. It is fully compliant in adhering to the required standards. Clients deposits are safe-guarded by segregation in unnamed custodian banks globally.

This means that should ever have financial issues, your deposit is safe and sound. Client accounts in Canada are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme offers clients from the United Kingdom and European Union asset protection.Details of’s regulatory status are available through the website.

Regulatory laws are different in each country, so the products offered by available for trading vary. is owned and operated by GAIN Capital UK LTD, a  registered UK company with registration number 176181. It is significant that is a brand of StoneX Financial Ltd – related to NASDAQ listed StoneXGroup Inc. The brokerage therefore works through affiliates which are all regulated and licensed within their jurisdictions as well.

From a regulatory perspective, is trustworthy, has a proven track record, with no record of scams and is a well-established player in the trading market.

Additional Features - What makes stand out? is the #1 global forex trading specialist and the world largest Metatrader Broker. They are highly regarded in the trading cosmos. You can expect a relationship based on transparency, trust, guidance,and integrity. The support received by a client through the lifecycle of a trade enables you to deal faster and more profitably. commenced primarily as a market maker but transformed into an ECN, matching buyers and sellers from different geographic areas to trade securities, outside normal trading hours.

They have served clients since 2001 and are owned by the GAIN Capital Group LLC which is part of the StoneX Group. They have therefore been in existence with a long track record and successfully weathered a number of global financial dilemmas.

They offer access to most asset classes, provide expertise, advanced tools, technologies, research and education so that the trader may thrive by seizing market opportunities. Research consists of charting analysis, and excellent quality content information. A useful pivot point calculator is made available.

We rate education at highly. It is made up of three easy to understand, training trading courses which are especially beneficial to the novice trader, providing knowledge before trading live accounts. There are 30 core subjects for the novice, 43 for the intermediate trader and 17 for the advanced trader. We believe that the standard of education offered is above par of the market standard. Market jargon is explained in a thorough glossary. On offer is also a paid trade alert service (free for 45 days), which keeps you informed of market developments.

Additionally, FOREX.coms superlative proprietary trading platform provides a fully customisable trading tool. Highly volatile cryptocurrency CFDs have recently been introduced and can be traded without acquiring ownership, however this is not available on MT4. Crypto


At, you are able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple on MT5 platforms only.

The spreads have low margin, and spreads are fixed. You can access an MT5 account via “MyAccount”. A crypto wallet account is not required for storage at as you are not buying the currency outright.

Trading costs

Overnight rollover charges are charged at a rate of 0.08219% for positions held after market close. As the global financial markets are interconnected,  volatility can occur across all markets. is geared to handle high volume from rising and falling volatility but recommend against holding positions overnight. Online cryptocurrency gambling is banned in Australia, China, Israel, Turkey. Online gambling laws differ from one state to another in the United States. Prices are different for the same cryptocurrency at different times and in different areas of the world. provides the trader pricing based on a number of pricing models through digital asset exchanges.

Trading conditions

High volatility brings a strong degree of risk in the cryptocurrency markets. highly recommends the use of stop losses and limits when trading cryptocurrencies. You will also need to have an active, verified account to complete your online crypto trades.

Summary & Conclusion offers the lowest costs on cryptocurrency trading in comparison to global players. They provide an alternate way of funding online gambling, with swift access, private transactions and

providing entertainment along the way. The gold standard of cryptos is Bitcoin however, playing Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin are also playable and most profitable. This should serve as comfort when considering, is reliable?

Rating Highlights
  • Comparatively low fees
  • World-renowned MT5 platform
  • Excellent reputation around the globe Review FAQ

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Conclusion - A great platform with an excellent reputation

Our experience has been a positive one. A global leader with an excellent reputation in online trading and respected standing of GAIN Capital Holding, offering competitive pricing, transparency and executions which are lightning-fast are advantageous. Our reviews found the trader has access to a wide range of assets and The prop trading platform has excellent charting capabilities.

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