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FxRevenues Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our FxRevenues Review 2022

Looking for an accurate and unbiased FxRevenues review? Then look no further. Keep reading and see why this is such a great site for crypto and forex trading.

FxRevenues offers you a fast and flexible way to trade online. Whether you’re trading from a computer or mobile, you can take advantage of low fees, high leverage and hundreds of assets. Sounds good, right? Then take a look below and see what other goodies we found in our FxRevenues review!

FxRevenues Highlights
  • Over 90 pairings
  • Up to 1:200 leverage
  • Low cost trading

New Customer Experience - Welcoming experience found in this FxRevenues review

We started off our FxRevenues review like most customers would – by signing up to the online trading platform. Thankfully this proved to be a swift and painless experience. All that we had to do was to complete the registration form with our name, date of birth, email and home address.

Next it was a matter of picking our base currency from the likes of US dollars, euros, British pounds, Australian dollars and Thai baht and then we were given the opportunity to enter in any referral codes.

Once this was done, we just had to verify our identity which meant uploading some government-approved ID like a passport. Finally, we were able to make a deposit and then start trading. It couldn’t be easier to start online trading!

FxRevenues Highlights
  • Over 90 pairings
  • Up to 1:200 leverage
  • Low cost trading

Usability - Quality app and site made this FxRevenues review easy!

The FxRevenues site uses a stark black, white and red color scheme that is smart and distinctive. While there is a lot of information on here, everything is put in its logical place and it is relatively easy to navigate around to find what you’re looking for.

The only thing we struggled with was the fact that page loading times on the main website were a little slow, although we had no such problem when it came to the actual trading platform. Speaking of which, all of our trades were carried out effortlessly and we were very impressed with the execution speed that clocked in at around 30 milliseconds.

Want to trade from a mobile? No problem as FxRevenues has created excellent trading apps for iOS and Android mobiles. These come equipped with the full range of asset classes, trading functions and interactive charts. All you need to trade on the go!

Accounts - What is FxRevenues and what accounts are there?

FxRevenues has six main trading accounts with the addition of a special Islamic style account. You will probably get started with the main Registration account which you can set up with a minimum deposit of $250. This opens you up to mobile trading, secure ordering, leverage of up to 1:200 and a fair amount of training tools and you even get an educational session with a mentor.

To be honest, this standard account was fine for us, but we can see why other people may wish to upgrade their account. So if you deposit $2,500 or more you’ll unlock the Beginners account which gives you a full training in advanced platform tools as well as basic strategies. Then if you deposit $20,000 or more, you’ll get special training in commodities alongside your own dedicated mentor.

This carries on through the advanced and professional accounts where you can pick up perks such as responsive support, currencies and indices special training, and extra market events. We’re not sure how many people reading this will be ready to put down the minimum deposit of $500,000 needed for the Premium account, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Trading Platforms - A big part of our FxRevenues experience and rating

Most people who sign up to FxRevenues will trade via the downloadable FxRevenues Trader. This platform offers you all of the advanced charting you need as well as automated ordering on over 1,500 assets. We found that it was nicely easy to use despite the sheer volume of timeframes and analytics, and there was even the option to access nearly 100 charts at the same time.

However, it was also good to see that FxRevenues offers you the chance to trade from the web trader software .This means that you trade direct from your browser and you still get full access to all of the trading platform functions. We guess that this is a good time to remind you that there are some great FxRevenues apps for mobile devices that come with full trading options.

Trading Payments - Safe payments found in our FxRevenues review

We’ve already clarified that you need to deposit at least $250 to get started at FxRevenues. This can be done in the equivalent of six other currencies and you get a fair choice of payment options for doing so.

Most people will probably choose to make a card deposit via Mastercard or Visa, although there is also the option to use a bank transfer. We should also note that FxRevenues lets you make payments via Bitcoin which is sure to appeal to international customers.

We found that all of our deposits went through nearly instantly and there weren’t any processing charges. For withdrawals, you’ll find that processing times take a bit longer, but you shouldn’t have to wait more than five working days to get the money back in your account. Again, there were no fees for requesting withdrawals.


Fees – Is FxRevenues reliable for not having hidden fees?

You’re going to love FxRevenues because it’s one of those online trading platforms that lets you trade without anything in the way of commission fees. This is sure to be a big hit as commission fees can frequently add up to become a real headache.

What’s best is the fact that FxRevenues also doesn’t give you any extra fees on top. This is something that’s backed up by browsing through the terms and conditions where you will see that the only fees charged will be for fairly unusual circumstances such as having uncompleted special trades and so on.

Customer Service - Great customer care experienced in this FxRevenues review

FxRevenues is an online broker who will always be there to help you out. This can be seen in the fact that there is a live chat icon permanently visible on the site and there are many more ways to get in touch. These include a dedicated customer support email address and there is also a telephone hotline.

Our only criticism here was that the FAQ at FxRevenues was very limited in terms of both the questions asked and the brevity of the answers. Just so you know, you can get in touch with FxRevenues via its Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - Is FxRevenues safe?

The good news here is that FxRevenues is safe and it is fully welcoming to international customers in most countries apart from the US. The brand is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and it has plenty of legal documentation on its site to prove that it is legit.

This means that you can see how your data will be protected via the privacy policy, see how robust the sign up procedure is with the KYC policy, and even see what steps FxRevenues takes to combat money laundering and risk. Plus with a useful refund policy and complaints procedure, we can see that FxRevenues is an online broker that you can trust.

SVGFSA - St. Vincent & the Grenadines Financial Services Authority

Additional Features - Plenty more found in these FxRevenues reviews

Some online trading platforms just give you a way to trade and leave it there. Not with FxRevenues as the broker gives you a wealth of resources you can use to supercharge your online trades.

These include a video academy, an e-book collection and a constantly updated resource of financial news. We especially liked the economic calendar that kept us updated of all of the key dates in the financial year, and it was interesting to see what predictions had been made in the currency forecast.

We’re not sure how many traders will use some of the more unusual features like the Fibonacci Calculation and the Pivot Calculation, but it was good to know that they were there. All of which shows you that FxRevenues will give you all of the available help with your online trades.

FxRevenues Forex

Forex Trading Offer - All major pairings found in this FxRevenues review

You can trade well over 90 distinct currency pairs at FxRevenues. This is probably more than enough for most casual investors who will be glad to see the usual suspects like USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY and CAD listed here.

However, it’s also nice to find that there are some more exotic pairings which can be useful if you want to add a little more volatility to your forex portfolio. Just so you know, this forex trading platform is operational 24 hours a day, five days a week and there’s even a link to the relevant exchanges trading hours so that you don’t miss out.

Forex Trading Costs - No commission fees to worry about

Much has been made of the commission-free trading model featured at FxRevenues and this is something extended to its forex trades. So instead of having to pay commission, you’ll find that any processing charges will be absorbed within each forex trade you execute. It’s a nicely flexible way of trading and we wonder why more online brokers don’t do this.

Forex Trading Conditions - 1:200 leverage discovered in this FxRevenues review

Using FxRevenues gives you access to some powerful trading gears that you can use to shift your forex trades up a level. This is because you can enjoy leveraged trading of anywhere up to 1:200. To be honest, you can find higher leverage elsewhere, but even the rate of 1:200 could be fairly risky.

Conclusion - Positive results in our FxRevenues review

FxRevenues is clearly a strong option for anyone with an interest in forex trading and it’s easy to see why this broker has won so many awards. After all, it gives you an easy and low-cost way to trade nearly 100 different forex pairings and the whole trading platform is wonderfully intuitive to use. So sign up to FxRevenues and start trading!

FxRevenues Highlights
  • Over 90 pairings
  • Up to 1:200 leverage
  • Low cost trading
FxRevenues Crypto

Crypto Trading Offer - All major cryptos featured

Like many other online brokers, FxRevenues has been quick to launch its digital currencies platform. This gives you a fast and simple way to buy and sell an enviable number of cryptocurrencies. Key cryptos featured here include heavy-hitters like Bitcoin and Litecoin, although there’s plenty more choice should you wish to dramatically diversify your portfolio.

Crypto Trading Costs - One of the best parts of this FxRevenues review

Once again, FxRevenues has put in an impressive performance here by letting you trade cryptos without being hit by any commission fees. Obviously, any costs will become a small part of each trade you make, but it still adds up to being much better value compared to what you find at some more specialist crypto exchanges.

Crypto Trading Conditions - Leverage your crypto trades at FxRevenues

The crypto trading market is open 24/7 and we were pleased to see that this ethos is in use at FxRevenues. Alongside the neverending crypto trades, you’ll also get to benefit from the same leverage that you get elsewhere at this online broker. So if you ever wanted to trade Bitcoin with leverage of up to 1:200, FxRevenues is the place to do it!

Conclusion - Why we loved the FxRevenues crypto trading platform

We had a great time carrying out this part of our FxRevenues review. This is because FxRevenues has given you a fast and effective way to take advantage of the crypto markets. Obviously crypto trading can be pretty volatile, and extra care will be needed should you take advantage of the leveraged trading options. But on the whole, we’d recommend FxRevenues to anyone with an interest in crypto trading.

FxRevenues Highlights
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin and more
  • High leverage possible
  • 24/7 crypto markets

FxRevenues Review FAQ

💵 What are the FxRevenues fees?

We loved FxRevenues as it has absolutely nothing in the way of hidden fees and the whole site is just as good value as what we found in our Maxiwyse review. So make sure that you read our FxRevenues review to see what fees you may be up against. Perfect for getting a good understanding of whether FxRevenues can meet your forex and crypto trading needs.

📱Is there an FxRevenues app?

More and more people are wanting to have the convenience of being able to trade from a smartphone or tablet. You only have to read our Kaarat review to see how some online brokers are picking up on this trend. So make sure that you read our FxRevenues review to see whether this broker features any kind of app or whether you have to trade from your mobile browser instead.

✅Is FxRevenues legit?

Your online security is at the heart of all of our online broker reviews and our recent Stockoza review provides the perfect example of this. So be sure to check out our FxRevenues review where we will examine how safe you’ll be at the site by looking at everything from the broker’s regulation to how it plans to safeguard your data and deposits.

🔐How do I get an FxRevenues login?

We found that it’s remarkably easy to sign up to FxRevenues and get your login. In fact, the whole process is pretty similar to that found in our Greendax review. But still, you had better read our FxRevenues review where you’ll get a deep understanding of what kinds of personal ID you have to provide along with information about how long it takes FxRevenues to verify your account.

🏅Is FxRevenues the best day trading platform?

You will find no shortage of great brokers like the one featured in our FiatVisions review who will all give you an excellent way to enjoy day trading. So is FxRevenues in with a chance of being the best day trading platform? There is only one way to find out at that is to read our FxRevenues review. Perfect for seeing whether this is a good site for day trading!

Conclusion - No FxRevenues scams, just a great trading platform

We had a great time at FxRevenues and we think you will too. Above all, FxRevenues gives you a cost-effective way to get started in trading forex and cryptos. You can start here with a relatively low deposit and still enjoy high leverage along with all of the analytics and trading tools you need.

What impressed us most was the fact that FxRevenues manages to keep its costs down despite offering you such a far-reaching service. In fact, the only thing missing here was some kind of demo account. Still, we think you should definitely check out FxRevenues if you get the chance.

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