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StormGain Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our StormGain Review 2021

Listed on CoinMarketCap as the best interest rate crypto broker and awarded cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform of the year by The European, StormGain are a red-hot broker in 2021.

Formed in 2019, StormGain offers industry high leverage on a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies and boasts some genuinely unique crypto features such as mobile bitcoin mining. StormGain claims to be an “All-in-One Crypto platform” and our StormGain review by Crypto Parrot experts will let you know just what a range of features are available on this diverse trading platform.

StormGain Highlights
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Offers and New Customer Experience – What is StormGain?

StormGain is a cryptocurrency broker offering cryptocurrency derivatives secured by Tether (UDST) and boasts a range of unique cryptocurrency features such as bitcoin mining and wallet solutions.

Unlike many brokers and exchanges that fail to offer any bonuses – typically due to their particular regulatory restrictions – this broker actually offers several different bonuses. Firstly, StormGain offers a loyalty programme where traders can earn different levels of trading status to unlock unique benefits and rewards. There are 7 loyalty tiers and each have different benefits. For example, the StormGain VIP 3 status gains an annual interest rate of 12% and a mining speed of x530, compared to the StormGain Gold status which only receives an annual interest rate of 3% and a mining speed of x1.

StormGain knows the importance of referral marketing – the concept of people will promote something they love to all their friends. With that in mind, StormGain has a Refer-a-Friend bonus. Trades will be given a referral link to use at their own discretion – your friend will gain 3 UDST for registering using your link and you’ll receive 15% of funds withdrawn from Cryptominer by your referrals.

Usability – Modern and Easy

We found the platform during our StormGain review to be incredibly easy to follow and the look and feel of the trading platform is very modern. The dark colour scheme is certainly very professional and all the features are laid out very intuitively. To the left are all the latest prices within the cryptocurrency market. If you choose a particular instrument, it will appear directly in the middle of the trading platform – easily readable and accessible. To the right of the StormGain trading platform is the balance in your wallet – crucial to knowing how large or small a position you can take.

The main chart even features a “sentiment gauge” which is perfect for novice traders learning about active markets. During our StormGain review, we at Crypto Parrot found it very easy to open a trade. We simply clicked “Open a Trade” and we’re privy to setting up our required leverage and any stop loss or take profit orders.

Using the cloud mining function is the easiest thing in the world. All we needed to do was access our account and hit the giant green Active button. Our Crypto Parrot reviewer received their first bitcoin reward in 4 hours! We at Crypto Parrot learned that this program is hosted on a remote cloud server so it is in no way taxing on your precious mobile battery life.

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Accounts – Sign Up to StormGain

Islamic traders will be able to sign up to this broker. Our StormGain review revealed that this broker does offer an Islamic account that meets the standards and requirements of Sharia law. That means Islamic traders will receive no interest, no rollover commissions and no fees for holding positions for a long time period.

There is only one live trading account available at StormGain but it is the loyalty programme with 5-tiers that allows traders to reach different levels of account functionality. There is no trading volume requirement for the standard level tier, but those level requirements increase with each tier – for example, the VIP 3 level has a trading volume requirement of 75,000,000 USDT but the gold tier only requires 50,000 USDT.

StormGain offers traders a risk-free demo account that will cost them nothing to use. It’s totally free and traders will be given 50,000 USDT in virtual funds to practice, experiment, and get a feel for trading at StormGain. During our StormGain review we had no problem switching in between the live account and demo account – meaning you can conduct real live trades while practicing riskier ones for no gain or loss. All trading accounts can access up to 300x leverage which is substantially greater than most competitors in the market.

Trading Platforms – How to Trade Crypto

There have been a lot of reviews conducted by our experts at Crypto Parrot and many have built their own trading platform rather than leverage a third-party application such as MetaTrader. Like many of those operations, StormGain have developed their very own in-house trading platform too. Within the platform is every tool, product, and feature on offer at StormGain.

The StormGain trading platform offers a unique feature called “Trade Signals” which uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology to provide traders with new trading opportunities through automated alerts.

For those who like to invest on the go, the StormGain trading platform is also available through a dedicated mobile app – available on both iOS, Android and new Huawei devices. The mobile app maintains the same look and functionality as the browser-based version. You can access your cold wallet storage, make deposits and withdrawals, use the demo account and exchange cryptocurrency with lightning-fast execution speeds. For those wondering; is StormGain reliable as a mobile app? The answer is a definitive yes!

Trading Payments – Fees and Funding

StormGain is a 0% commission crypto broker which means you’ll only pay when you actually make some gains. Our StormGain review uncovered a unique business model where if a trader closes their trade with no profit, they will pay zero fees. However, if a profit is made, StormGain will simply take a 10% share of profitable trades. On the cryptocurrency exchange hover, our StormGain review found a commission between 0.095 – 0.25%.


You can fund your account at this crypto broker using bank cards, cryptocurrency, and SEPA payments for European account holders. Your account can be funded in more than 15 currencies including, USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, HUF, AUD and EUR. Our StormGain review showed that all deposit commissions were displayed in USD – All FIAT currencies carried a 5% deposit commission with minimum commission of 10 USD. The minimum deposit amount varied between the currencies with most currencies matching the USD minimum deposit amount of 50 USD. The maximum deposit differs a little more between the more exotic currencies but the USD, EUR, and GBP maximum deposit is 20,000 of their respective currencies.

You cannot withdraw to a bank card, instead you must either use a SEPA (EU) payment or withdraw to a crypto wallet. There are no deposit fees to fund your account using crypto currency and the minimum withdrawals are very low – for example there is no USDT limit and bitcoin has a minimum of 0.0014. There is a fixed withdrawal fee that differs between each cryptocurrency – our StormGain review did find the 35 USDT fixed fee to be quite high while the other options were quite low. Our StormGain review found withdrawals to be very fast – processed within 24 hours during the business days that we tested on.

Customer Service – Is StormGain Reliable?

The best way to access technical and customer support at StormGain is through the support hub. It is easily accessible for active traders and we were able to reach the support team through live chat. Our StormGain review only identified English and Russian language support including telegram, the phone line, and via email. Telegram users can follow the broker to be involved in conversations and receive up to date news. Traders can write to the StormGain telegram support bot for assistance too.

Emails can be made for non-users via the website’s contact us portal. It’s a simple webform – not dissimilar from any other broker – and no potential trader should have any problems providing an informative query to the brokers support team.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance – Is StormGain Safe?

As such a relative newcomer in the crypto space, we at Crypto Parrot can understand that our StormGain review showed no regulatory licences held by this crypto broker.  However, we did uncover during our StormGain review that this crypto broker is a member of the Blockchain Association which is a reputable and reliable regulator of operations that trade digital assets online. Our StormGain review dug up no deposit insurance of any kind, although that is to be expected from a new and unlicensed broker.

Another important way of determining if a broker is safe is to check their reputation and StormGain certainly has a great one. More than 100,000 active users and StormGain sponsored the Newcastle United Football Club during the 2019/20 English Premier League season. Further solid reputation can be found in the partnership between StormGain and Simplex – a crypto payment processing company with an EU-licence.

Currently, this broker does appear to be rather safe, but no licencing is a bit of a red flag – although they are quite new having only begun business in 2019. The reputation of this broker is currently very good and it would need to be monitored until StormGain seeks regulation.

Additional Features – The All-In-One Crypto Platform

Our StormGain review noted that this broker is very transparent about security and even provides security advice to its users. They openly warn of StormGain scams in the form of many phishing sites and advise how to protect against such mimic webpages. Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled on your StormGain account and the website and app are secured with high level SSL- encryption protocols.

One of the biggest draws of StormGain and one that is this broker’s most unique features is the Cloud Miner tool. This amazing tool allows StormGain crypto traders to mine cryptocurrency for free from their mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. That means you won’t need any advanced or expensive mining tools. It’s free to mine and traders can earn free daily bitcoins just for reaching designated trading volumes – increase your trading volume to increase your mining speed. Our reviewers at Crypto Parrot were able to reach the maximum of 0.0318 BTC a day!

Another distinct advantage we found during the Crypto Parrot StormGain review was the built-in crypto wallet feature. The StormGain crypto wallet is a multi-currency storage option that can be accessed 24/7 and leverages industry-leading technology. We found that it was free when you sign-up and provided a full range of crypto options such as transfers and HODL features. For those who are seriously security conscious, we at Crypto Parrot found that StormGain also offers a cold wallet storage option for USDT, XRP, LTC, ETH, BTC, DASH, ZEC, XLM, and BCH.

StormGain Crypto
StormGain Crypto Exchange

Trade Offer - What cryptocurrency can you trade?

StormGain is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers several unique features besides more than 20 tradable popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash. This trading platform provides a crypto wallet for asset storage, a unique bitcoin mining process that is energy efficient, several bonuses and the ability to apply high leverage.

Trading Costs – What fees are involved?

We consider trading costs to be quite low at StormGain. This broker is a zero-commission broker with a unique business model where traders do not pay any fees on trades that do not profit. If you break even or lose money, you will not pay any fees. The fee for closing a profitable trade is a 10% share of the profit amount. There is however commission when exchanging cryptocurrencies but they are low commissions – no more than 0.25%. Commissions when depositing funds into your trading account using a bank card is 5% with a minimum of 10 USD. There are no fees for making a crypto deposit but there are small fixed withdrawal fees depending on the crypto of choosing.

Trading Conditions – Things to keep in mind

Since we’re talking about the cryptocurrency market, StormGain is a 24/7 trading platform, meaning you can trade cryptocurrencies any time of the day or week. Leverage can be applied from 30:1 up to an industry high of 300:1. StormGain allows users to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies. So this is a broker that actually lets users own crypto assets – unlike many competitors that only offer CFDs. For this reason, StormGain provides a crypto wallet solution for storing your assets safely and securely.

Summary and Conclusion – Our StormGain reviews of crypto services

Many brokers offer similar features but StormGain have gone out and developed some rather unique ones in order to provide a truly crypto experience when trading the digital assets. The selection of cryptocurrencies available are extensive and feature only the most popular digital assets on the market. Unique features like no profit – no fees, free bitcoin mining, and up to 300x leverage are certainly something to boast about. The fees are relatively low at this broker compared to industry average but we’d like to have seen better deposit and withdrawal methods. That being said the withdrawals are very quick – often taking less than 24 hours.

StormGain CFD

CFD Trade Offer - What CFD's can you trade?

In the last few years, cryptocurrency CFDs have generated a great deal of interest from investors. The fact that you don’t own the underlying currency is a minor issue when compared to the convenience of trading crypto CFDs.

Trading Costs - What are the costs involved with CFD trading?

Although some brokers may offer a commission-based structure with a better spread, most traders opt for zero-commission accounts, where there is only the cost of the spread to build into your calculations.

In addition, it is much easier to make deposits and withdrawals using standard payment methods than it is to hold one or more crypto wallets. However it is worth noting that some brokers do have a crypto-only currency policy in place.

Trading Conditions - Things to keep in mind

The biggest difference between trading cryptocurrency as an asset and trading crypto CFDs is the availability of leverage. The amount of leverage varies between brokers and will also vary depending on the volatility of the cryptocurrency itself.

One such example is StormGain, who offer leveraged crypto trading, but the amount of leverage available ranges between 5% and 200% depending on the specific crypto, its coin value and level of volatility.

Whilst leverage does considerably increase trading power, it’s also important to understand that it also increases potential losses. For this reason, certain account holders may have their leverage capped based on total capital available and trading frequency.

Product Summary - A great exchange for CFDs

There are a number of reasons in favour of trading in cryptocurrency CFDs rather than buying and selling the asset itself. Aside from the ease of entering and leaving a CFD trade, there is also the convenience factor of funding your account without the need for a crypto wallet.

There are undoubtedly some more experienced traders who will have a preference for the currency itself. However, the average trader with an interest in cryptos will find CFDs a much more straightforward and safer option.

StormGain Highlights
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StormGain Review FAQ

What Can I Trade at StormGain? 📉

StormGain are a cryptocurrency broker offering a number of fantastic leveraged products to trade online. The selection is large and only leading products have been made available for trading on their platform. Sign up to StormGain for a full range of tradable instruments and features.

What is Crypto Mining? ⛏

Crypto mining is an integral part of the blockchain process for many cryptocurrencies that are tradable on StormGain. The mining process aids in processing transactions on a blockchain network and is a means of earning more cryptocurrency coins.

Is StormGain a Safe Broker? 🔐

There are many factors that go into determining the safety of any broker or cryptocurrency exchange. StormGain is a popular online cryptocurrency broker that features a wide-range of security functions and consumer protections. 

What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Trade at StormGain? ©

There is a great and plentiful selection of cryptocurrency instruments available to trade with leverage at StormGain. There are many economic factors and personal trading goal needs that contribute to determining the best cryptocurrency to trade a StormGain. StormGain provides trading tools to assist traders in picking the best cryptocurrency to trade on the StormGain trading platform.  

Overall Conclusion – Our StormGain Experience and Rating

Marketing themselves as the All-In-One crypto trading platform, StormGain certainly lives up to the name. Offering more than just 20+ tradable cryptocurrencies, this broker also provides a means to mine bitcoin with energy efficiency and without extra hardware. Trading fees are very low when compared to its competitors and the broker operates a unique commission-free business model – you won’t pay any fees on losing trades, only profitable ones. As an exchange platform that allows users to own cryptocurrencies, StormGain also offers a hot and cold wallet storage option for securely holding your crypto assets.

Our CryptoParrot reviewers recommend StormGain for anyone looking to trade with leverage and gain free bitcoin on the side.

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