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TradeOr Broker Review – Are They Safe or a Scam?

Our TradeOr Broker Review 2021

Trading cryptocurrencies is challenging because there is a lot to learn before you go live. That’s why it’s essential to choose the most suitable trading platform for your requirements. Otherwise, you may waste resources and miss out on high-quality projects.

At Crypto Parrot, our goal is to make the transition from the beginner level to intermediate and expert levels as smooth as possible. In this TradeOr review, we analyze everything the operator has to offer and highlight the pros and cons to make sure we keep our promise. For more data, please continue reading the information below.

Tradeor Highlights

New Customer Experience - what to expect when signing up to TradeOr

At Crypto Parrot, we’ve compiled enough reviews to know that the cryptocurrency market is competitive. This means freebies and prizes are usually on offer, particularly for newbies who haven’t signed up before. Our TradeOr review found this to be the case here because the operator is giving away $25,000 to the top traders – all you need to do is signup and deposit $10 into your account

Once you start trading, you can keep track of your progress via the leaderboard, with first place taking $15,000, second place $5,000, and third place $2,000. If that isn’t enough, there’s an extra $1,000 for monthly winners, so you could walk away with almost $20,000 if you are at the top of the rankings at the end of the competition.

Registering is straightforward, too, as you only need your name and email address to sign up. Please make sure they are correct since you need to verify them before your account goes live.

Usability - our TradeOr review shows the platform is brilliant to use

After you’ve signed up, the next step is to get used to the website. Thankfully, TradeOr has designed a self-explanatory site. The flow goes from top to bottom, so you just need to scroll down to find the information you require. The tabs at the top of the page open into dropdown menus, making the platform easy to navigate as you can find specific pages in seconds. The same applies to the headings at the bottom of the homepage.

TradeOr says that simplicity is at the heart of the brand, which is why you can execute Bitcoin transactions at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world. Although there isn’t a mobile app at present, the desktop version uses the latest ChartIQ software to make sure the site is optimized for your device of choice.

Accounts - standard accounts for everyone

The TradeOr reviews you come across will mention the lack of diversity concerning account types. It is true that there is only a single option currently – you can’t launch a demo version, either, which is troublesome for anyone who wants to get used to the platform first. However, the T’s and C’s indicate a demo mode is coming.

One feature to keep in mind is that your crypto investments will cost you less because you don’t have to deposit as much to begin trading. Our TradeOr review research concluded that the minimum deposit is $10 across the board. Not many providers can boast this, which is why TradeOr is rapidly transforming into a popular brand among cryptocurrency traders.

TradeOr’s included features also make the lack of accounts less problematic. With your account, you receive access to everything from the ability to trade crypto pairs to real-time data and thorough market insights via TradingView.

Trading Platforms - what is TradeOr?

Is TradeOr reliable? The answer to that is, yes! We found that the trading platforms showcase this better than any other feature on TradeOr’s platform because they are designed for a wide range of users. The two you will come across when you register are ChartIQ and TradeView, and they both utilize different components to make Bitcoin trading simpler and less stressful.

With the integrated ChartIQ feature, you can search for and analyze pre and post-trade analytics to ensure your next crypto decision is on point. Furthermore, our TradeOr review liked that ChartIQ is one of the most powerful browser platforms as it uses the latest HTML5 charting library. That means it contains 125 indicators, multiple timeframes, and two different layouts.

TradingView, on the other hand, is a little more complex, yet this means it has elements you can’t get with ChartIQ and offers the potential to supercharge your cryptocurrency trades. Not only do you have access to real-time data and market patterns, but there is a social feature where you can learn from your peers.

This combination of components makes it straightforward to use – it automatically triggers when you pick an asset to evaluate – and advanced enough for regular traders to exploit.

Trading Payments - payment methods you’ll enjoy

Whereas most brokerages will charge a transaction or commission fee, TradeOr crypto goes about things differently. The pertinent factor to remember is that there is technically 0% commission since Bitcoin is the typical payment transaction. For anyone who is searching for a cheap and effective operator, TradeOr experience and rating does go up a notch after learning about their lack of fees.

Credit Card

However, our TradeOr review did find that some charges are applied, but not in the way you may expect. TradeOr makes a small profit by “scalping” off the spread for every transaction its customers make. While this is often a less expensive method for consumers, it’s worth noting that a breakdown of the charges is hard to find on the website. As such, you are better off speaking with a TradeOr customer service agent directly.

Deposit and withdrawal fees aren’t applicable, either, but you can only do the former via Bitcoin because the platform is a Bitcoin specialist. That means your wallet will need setting up beforehand or else you won’t be eligible to make the $10 minimum deposit to get your account up and running. Withdrawals are a little different as you can choose a different transaction method if the amount exceeds the number of Bitcoins you originally deposited.

Customer Service - our TradeOr review showcases a solid effort all-round

With no dedicated phone line of note, it’s tempting to assume that TradeOr’s customer service isn’t outstanding. While it’s strange that they don’t offer a phone number to customers, we found that there are several accessible options of note that make up for the issue. On the Contact Us section of the site, you can fill out a short form and send it off in a matter of seconds. There’s also an email address for anyone who prefers this method.

You may think email isn’t accountable because they can ignore your query or take ages to reply. The good news is, this TradeOr review found that account holders can use the Live Chat function to talk to a customer service operator instantly. Although the live chat option isn’t available 24-7, the website and email methods are.

Plus, the News web page is constantly updated and acts as a type of FAQ function. If you’re desperate for an answer, you can always check if you can find a solution there. Overall, there are enough contact methods that you won’t be waiting forever for a response.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - layers of protection for your benefit

Is TradeOr safe? Are there any TradeOr scams to watch out for? These are questions you need to ask because your money is important and you want it to be secure. As far as our TradeOr review can tell, the platform isn’t a member of any authority or regulator, making it unregulated. Those words will make you think twice, yet we also found several security features that aim to allay these fears.

For starters, the verification process is encrypted to ensure that any data or information you provide won’t be viewable to others. Concerning credit card and bank account details, this is vital as hackers can’t access your data even if there is a leak. With strong encryption solutions, it’s pretty much impossible to decipher the info without a key.

Plus, you have the option of turning on the Two-Factor Authentication feature through your account settings. Once you do, any attempt to log in will send a message with a code to your email address or smartphone and prompt you to enter the code before sanctioning the request. What this means is that thieves and fraudsters can’t gain entry unless they somehow hack your mobile device or email account.

Additional Features - how TradeOr stands out from the crowd in a saturated marketplace

TradeOr reviews regularly highlight the operator as quirky and express how they like to do things their own way, which is how it stands out amongst its strong competition. Cryptocurrency trades are the most popular investment right now as everyone attempts to jump on the bandwagon. There’s nothing wrong with that, yet you must pick a suitable provider to guide you through the process.

TradeOr is a good choice due to the number of options on the table. Bitcoin features throughout the platform, with customers having the ability to buy and sell various instruments using the cryptocurrency. This includes Bitcoin itself and more exotic altcoins that aren’t readily accessible elsewhere.

For those who like to diversify their portfolios, you don’t have to invest your Bitcoin to increase your Bitcoin stake. Instead, you can opt for popular and highly liquid shares from the US stock market and European stock markets, such as Adidas, Amazon, Apple, and Tesla. Even better, trades are available in a range of instruments; for example, stocks and bonds and CFDs.

A CFD means you won’t own the investments outright, yet you can still profit by cashing in when the original price you paid has increased in value. CFDs are ideal for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocates since they let you purchase fractions of coins. With BTC floating around $20,000 per coin, TradeOr ensures its customers aren’t shut out of the market.

Tradeor Crypto

Tradeor Cryptocurrency

Crypto pairs and exotics mean there is more than Bitcoin on the platform. However, Bitcoin is by far the biggest crypto with this operator because you can use it for different functions, from depositing Bitcoin to invest in more Bitcoin or using it to diversify your portfolio. That’s the brilliant thing about this method – you can reduce your risk without selling your cryptocurrencies.

The Watchlist means you can view every trade or potential trade, so you won’t lose track of your positions. And, the superior leverage ratio on offer means you can combine a mixture of equity and debt to pay for your investments. If this sounds risky, just remember it’s a standard method within the industry as it prevents you from missing out on opportunities when your budget is low.

Trading Costs - a low-cost brokerage firm

By low-cost, we mean that there are no trading fees. There is the spread, but you already know about that. Some more potential charges you should be aware of are rollover and inactivity fees. The former relates to a position you hold that rolls over to the next day. But only open investments are eligible. If yours are closed, you won’t be charged. An inactivity penalty is self-explanatory – TradeOr reserves the right to charge a fee for periods of inactivity on your account.

Trading Conditions - lots of options to pick from

Placing a crypto trade with TradeOr isn’t confusing because there’s a simple process. You can begin by asking for a quote to analyze the latest transactional data and improve the success of your investments. Then, you can place an order in two ways. Firstly, there is a limit order where the value is at your preferred price. However, they aren’t always guaranteed. The second option, a market order, is executed regularly and will result in you owning the asset outright. CFDs are different as you don’t own the asset. Therefore, it’s important to consider the goal of your trade and choose a method accordingly.

Summary and Conclusion - a solid, user-friendly platform

You may notice a few bumps in the road, but you shouldn’t let them scare you. The reality is that they are often negated by significant pros, such as generous leverage ratios and 0% commission rates. The number of available instruments is high, too, which ensures flexibility for customers. All in all, it’s an excellent platform with a thoroughly reliable track record that you want to consider.

Tradeor Review FAQ

What cryptocurrencies are available via TradeOr? ⌛

TradeOr is a trustworthy brokerage firm that deals with a broad array of investments for its customers. With the Watchlist function, you can search for and purchase any trades you believe will rise in value in the future. To do that, you should head to TradeOr’s website or use our comprehensive guide for inspiration.

Are there any offers for new account holders? ♉

Using bonuses and promotions to appeal to new customers is a tried and tested trick in the industry. As a consumer, you should look out for these offers because they provide incredible value, especially if you’re a beginner. After all, it’s not your money. Our TradeOr review has more on welcome offers and bonuses, as does the homepage.

Is TradeOr safe? ☔

Knowing that your deposits are safe and secure is vital if you plan on investing in successful projects. Too many traders make rash decisions by opting to trust providers they shouldn’t. To make sure you’re not one of them, the key is to search for the telltale signs they are legitimate. This can range from authentication methods to encryption.

Conclusion - this TradeOr review rates the platform as impressive

We’re at the end of our TradeOr review, and there’s only one thing left for you to decide – is TradeOr an operator worth choosing? We know that there is plenty to think about and that you don’t want to dive in headfirst, so let’s recap why this platform is impressive.

Finding a provider that doesn’t charge you for trades is tough because these businesses want to make a profit. TradeOr’s business plan means that your deposits and withdrawals are 100% free, which is almost unheard of in the industry. Instead, they scalp from the spread. This typically saves customers money.

Although it is technically unregulated, there are enough security elements to know that TradeOr is safe. Aside from paying in Bitcoin, which is anonymous and untraceable, the Two-Factor Authentication process stops people from accessing your account. Also, TradeOr uses encryption to maintain the integrity of your data.

Some things aren’t perfect, like the lack of a mobile app or the fact that there is only one account for consumers. Still, we feel that the pros outweigh the cons as TradeOr saves you money by cutting costs, which opens up the world of cryptocurrency trading to a spectrum of skill and experience levels.

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