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10 Questions w/ Cryptocurrency Trader FiboSwanny

I live in Crestwood, KY, right outside of Louisville.  Been married for 23 years to my wife Kristin and we have two children, Emrick (19) and Carley (16).  I like to ride BMX bikes and hike the Rockies in Colorado.…

2mins 21 Mar, 2019 CryptoParrot
Testing a BTC/USD Rebalancing Strategy

Rebalancing is a strategy that consists in periodically buying or selling assets in a portfolio to maintain an original desired level of asset allocation.…

2mins 27 Feb, 2019 CryptoSurf
Testing a DigiByte Cost Averaging Strategy on Niffler - Part 1 - Accumulation

Cost Averaging might be one of the best strategies when it comes to position trading or investing and to try and outperform most short-term traders in the long run.…

2mins 18 Feb, 2019 CryptoSurf