Ahoy-Matey! Exchange your play dollar profits for real Bitcoin

Each play dollar on Crypto Parrot can be exchanged for real Bitcoin over a Lightning network. You can redeem anything you made above the initial 100k play dollars that were given for you on signup.
Select amount of play dollars to exchange
Create Lightning invoice for 101 sats
~$0.05 or 0.00000101BTC

Use your reward to start trading for real on Bitfinex. Deposit your reward straight into your Bitfinex exchange account. Go to wallet and choose to deposit LNX (Bitcoin - Lightning Network)

Recently redeemed

# User Amount Date
1 Habeeb100 $10000 play dollars to 1010 sats at 101 sats per K 3 hours ago
2 SirGerardThe1st $11000 play dollars to 1012 sats at 92 sats per K 1 day ago
3 RexviNix $30000 play dollars to 1410 sats at 47 sats per K 2 days ago
4 Leya $4000 play dollars to 344 sats at 86 sats per K 2 days ago
5 Leehishi $20000 play dollars to 880 sats at 44 sats per K 3 days ago
6 Mirian961 $15000 play dollars to 1305 sats at 87 sats per K 3 days ago
7 Leya $5000 play dollars to 450 sats at 90 sats per K 3 days ago
8 Leya $3000 play dollars to 135 sats at 45 sats per K 3 days ago
9 khussan $6000 play dollars to 528 sats at 88 sats per K 3 days ago
10 pattyugom10 $7000 play dollars to 616 sats at 88 sats per K 3 days ago

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Your exchange rate is
$0.05 per $1,000 play dollars

You have $0 play dollars, out of which $0 are available for redeem
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Crypto Parrot encourages users to redeem their profits in order to advance on the leaderboard which is based on your total redeemed amount.

0-20K play dollars - $0.05 per 1K

20-50K play dollars - $0.025 per 1K

50-100K play dollars -$0.01 per 1K

100K+ play dollars - $0.001 per 1K

* Crypto Parrot reserves the right to change reward exchange rates without a warning or notice.