10 Questions w/ The Fun w/ Crypto Podcast

18 Dec, 2018 CryptoSlashy

The Fun w/ Crypto Podcast is a Podcast series which discusses a wide range of crypto currency topics ranging from crypto security, crypto culture, social media aspects of crypto, new and existing crypto projects. We will also do interviews and look into the current and future uses of bitcoin.

The Fun w/ Crypto Podcast is one heck of an unique podcast that has found a ton of support from crypto podcast listeners, how did you come up with it or what made you decide to start it?

As I’ve gotten into crypto in the last 2 years; family, friends and acquaintances approach me and ask me all very similar questions, I was spending hours each night discussing the very topics I cover in the FWC podcast, so I figured why not start a podcast and this way I can just refer people to specific episodes that cover their desired topic.   

Can you tell us a little bit more about you and your background, perhaps what got you into crypto? 

My background is in network administration on paper; but I was not a network admin for a very long time. I did PC repair, built servers, network cable installations, troubleshooting etc.. I then shifted and specialized in access control. We will leave that part of my background there. My crypto journey is a very typical one; back in 2012 a good friend of mine who was programmer tells me about this internet money called bitcoin… I laughed and said mmm that’ll never work its internet nerd money. Fast forward to 2016, I start doing more research and find myself totally intrigued by it, this thing just isn’t going away, bitcoin was here to stay and I needed to know everything I could. 

Are there any other crypto related projects you're involved with? 

Yes, nothing crazy I run a bitcoin core node and a lightning node; I also do some mining of alts. 

The FWC covers a whole host of different topics and also has a lot of great tips and advice on how to trade cryptocurrency or how to trade bitcoin in particular, what if anything would you say is your number one piece of advice for newbies or those new to trading cryptocurrencies? 

Never put anything in, you aren’t willing to lose. 

Who would you say is the ideal listener of the Fun w/ Crypto Podcast?  

I’d say it’s geared towards the beginner/novice, although I believe anyone into crypto would enjoy it. 

What would you say has been your biggest challenge or what is the number one thing you have learned since starting the  Fun w/ Crypto Podcast? 

The biggest challenge is gaining an audience;. It takes time and a lot of work to build credibility organically. No one is just going to listen to you because; they need to feel that you are going to offer value in their lives.   

We always like to ask those involved in the crypto space whether they have any other blockchain/crypto projects they follow or are particularly bullish on and why? 

Obviously I love bitcoin, that’s my main holding, the main project I am particularly interested in and have been for over a year is chainlink (LINK) – I am not shilling, their tech will do the talking- they are a smart contract oracle creator/ provider – simply put smart contracts are almost useless without being able to connect to the real world data and be executed upon, chainlink (LINK) is intending to solve this issue. 

On your podcast roadmap, where do you see the Fun w/ Crypto Podcast in the next 2-3 years? 

In 2-3 years I’m hoping to be in my own studio also doing a youtube channel as well.  

And where do you see blockchain/crypto as a whole in the same timeframe?

I see us closer to mainstream adoption, I see us building, innovating and learning from each other. 

For Niffler.co traders who are interested in learning more about the Fun w/ Crypto Podcast or want to get involved where should they go? 

I can be reached via the following methods: 

Twitter & Telegram @Coinicarus

Email me at [email protected]

Discord https://discord.gg/u8Jb8nr  


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