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28 Sep, 2018 CryptoSlashy

Today we have the pleasure of talking with Georgi, the talented marketing coordinator for BitTube, the fast-growing network designed to empower video creators and live streamers, entertaining far-reaching audiences through a seamless user experience — ad-free and always monetized.

What spawned the idea of BitTube and/or what problem is BitTube trying to solve?

The idea came from a discussion about gamers and how live streaming is a hustle. At that time the team was working on a remote desktop solution that uses a peer-to-peer network and encryption. Everything conceptualized when the team realized that now is the right moment people need a new video sharing platform that evolves with the latest technologies like blockchain. A platform dedicated to the users with a clear mission, transparent monetization mechanism, and efficient content distribution, and of course without ads.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the team behind BitTube?

The founder and CEO MSc Saber Maram is an IT specialist with more than ten years of experience in internet communications and security. He is the founder of several IT companies like vViewer, DevCups and the co-working center My-Place based in The Canary Islands. This is his first blockchain project backed by 12 and growing talented developers from various European countries.

The CFO Kai-Uwe Schnier has 25 years of experience in IT and co-founder of an internet provider in Germany. For the last 14 years, he has been working on Tenerife, specializing in internet marketing and strategies, which he has utilized in the past three years while working together with Maram.

Recently BitTube established its HQ in Berlin and is a registered company in Germany. This strategic move will set the foundations for putting forward essential partnerships and developments.

The team has the privilege to choose between the two offices, being able to spend cold European winters in the sunny Canaries and the hot summers in Germany.

We're sure there are more than enough people who compare BitTube to YouTube, but for those who are not yet subscribed (and we highly recommend users do subscribe) and haven't yet seen the many first-hand benefits of doing so, can you share with our audience what truly sets you apart from YouTube and why should users make the switch?

YouTube was one of the first to offer hosting videos as a service, which aligned perfectly with the increasing bandwidth capacity of the internet. In the same way, we are aligned with the decentralization that is happening now across many IT sectors. We cannot know how the founders of YouTube had visioned the monetization at that time, but currently, we can see their fixation on profit (since YouTube is still not profitable for Google) is resulting in an over-abundance of disruptive ads, hurting the user experience.

BitTube is designed for monetization, no question asked, it is always enabled for everyone, even the viewers. We thought the only way to make people switch from something which is free is to give them more. Our challenge is to generate demand for all the services on the platform. I don’t mean just BitTube services here, because most of them belong to the content creators, the goal is to establish a constant flow of fresh fiat from the people paying for entertainment. We believe people in the future will not even be aware of the cryptocurrency (TUBE) behind the ecosystem that is managing all transactions and interactions between the BitTube users. The value of the platform will drive the coin value and also vice versa. Once we gain momentum and experience a network effect, the system will propel itself forward.

Recently, BitTube has announced an exciting new product... that being the BitTube Debit Card...can you tell us a little more about the debit card and how it works?

To purchase TUBEs, you can use any bank card to top up your web wallet balance, which is directly linked to the debit card. When spending TUBEs with the card, we will convert it on the fly to fiat currency so you can go shopping with the BitTube debit card wherever Mastercard is accepted. A prepaid option, allowing you to hold a fiat balance on the card itself, will be explored later next year.

Purchases and withdrawals will be processed on our side, not the card issuer. The buying and selling volume will go through our internal liquidity pool, comprised of TUBEs and the equivalent in Euros. The size of this liquidity pool will be maintained automatically through exchanging coins on Bittrex, a large open exchange for cryptocurrencies.

To use the card, you are required to stake 5000 TUBEs in the web wallet. Since users have full control over their private keys, in order to lock the amount, it will be transferred to a custodial wallet address. The staked coins will become available again if the user chooses to deactivate the card. Over time, the staking amount can be adjusted down according to a higher TUBE price. When that happens, it will be possible to withdraw the difference.

As a starting point, this BitTube debit card will have a monthly withdrawal limit equivalent to 1000 US dollars. As we increase our liquidity, we plan to have more cards with higher limits and additional perks in the near future.

People that have an interest can apply for pre-registration at Shipping information will become available closer to the official KYC process. The staking of 5000 TUBEs won’t be necessary until shipment.

As a shout out to some of the amazing BitTube creators, who are some of the standouts that users should be paying attention to?

The first BitTubers, of course, are the one talking about crypto. Hands up for Seth Estrada with his channel mineyourbiz and blockchainblitz for hosting interviews with the CEO. Be sure to check NorthEastTexasTechnologies, cryptoman976, CryptoNWO, BrotherJohnF, CryptoMining, GemCrypto, 99cents, Sean Davis, and others to see how they earn on BitTube. Check out Catoshi for TA and NathanSifuGaming, Joko and GameProBros for gaming live streams. I can’t mention everyone here, so my apologies in advance for those who didn’t hear their names. I recommend you frequently visit our Trending and Newcomers pages.

To ensure visitors can find what they are looking for, we have implemented the YouTube API that allows you to watch anything from YouTube and get paid as well. To facilitate this feature, you can install a browser extension called ‘BitTube Redirector’ for Chrome and Firefox. With this you can jump from any video on YouTube directly to BitTube and start earning for yourself and the creator, as the system generates a designated wallet for each YouTuber automatically.

Where does BitTube see itself in the overall crytposphere in 3 to 5 years? i.e. What impact does the team at BitTube hope to make?

Thanks to partnerships with platforms like Niffler and others who see our potential, we believe we are establishing a more convenient, trusted and transparent way to distribute video content for everyone. Many people share the idea that BitTube will bring crypto to mass adoption because it has no barrier for entry and is the most familiar and engaging compared to other projects.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our users?

I would like to give a hint about our new upcoming fresh layout and the BitTube Pro membership. The new look will be a responsive one-pager, extremely easy to navigate and visually rich. The Pro membership will give content creators a greater set of tools and remove some upload restrictions. We are working hard to implement these features (and much more), and we are listening to our community. Stay tuned! users who want to start posting or viewing videos right now, where should they go?

Just type in the browser, and you are good to go, most of the things are straightforward. For more information about the coin visit For technical questions join our Discord and Telegram channels. If you experience any issues fill a bug report at the bottom right-hand corner on the platform, it will be sent directly to the development team. For the mobile users on iOS, we have launched a BitTube app and wallet. Android users can manually install the app from here and we’re soon officially on available on Aptoide as well (read here why we are not on Google Play right now).

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