Can BTC become the digital Gold?

17 Sep, 2020 CryptoParrot

Over time, many different currencies have occupied the position of global exchange currency. However, no currency ever topped the status and reputation of Gold. 

The mineral is always the backup plan for investors. Whenever the situation is bad, traditional traders flee towards the mineral, that can hold its value and sometimes even get more value when everything else is failing. Which made it earn the title of "Safe-haven".  

With the entrance of Zoomers in the market and the inevitable exit of older generations, this status quo is being challenged. As the global economy drives full speed ahead towards a digital-only financial world, the prospect of a mineral being the global backup starts to lose its purpose. 

That is why many analysts believe Bitcoin is the next Gold, with some claiming this shift is already happening and will be concluded for the next generation. A digital and safe currency, with limited amounts and not dependant of any central bank is the perfect place to flee from market crises, according to the chief executive of Financial advisory Nigel Green. 

Do you think it is possible to see BTC becoming the Digital Gold over the next few years? 

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