Coronavirus solution, Bitcoin problems

16 Sep, 2020 CryptoParrot

No matter what your political position is, one thing is certain: we are all anxiously waiting for a solution to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Nevertheless, what might be music to trader's ears, is the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for long-term investments.  

At the very least, this is what businessman Robert Kiyosaki believes. The founder of the Rich Dad company and best-seller author of a book with the same name believes that an end to the Pandemic might represent disastrous short-term results from safe-haven assets. According to Kiyosaki, those that will be hit harder by that will be Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.  

However, this drove off from assets that will reverse in the long run. So, if you are aiming to HODL BTC a bit longer, the rewards will be even greater.  

Are you hoarding Bitcoin for the winter?  

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