Bitcoin Bulls on the Run Again?

13 Apr, 2021 CryptoParrot

2021 will enter crypto history as the year of Bitcoin. The currency once again has defied expectations, and after days fluctuating sideways, restarted its climb towards higher pastures. The latest record was the $62k resistance, which was blasted through as the cryptocurrency has now earned over 100% of its initial price on the first day of 2021. 

With Q1 closing on such a high note, BTC enthusiasts now look towards the second quarter with renewed hope. After a lukewarm couple of days - even though the coin never dipped below 10% of its value - the new boost has reignited the flames of hype, with analysts claiming that breaching $100,000 is not only possible but achievable by summer's end. 

While such claims would be lavish in previous years, this one has proven time and time again a perfect crypto storm for Bitcoin. If the king will raise up its throne even higher or have it melted, only time will tell.  

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