DOGE on the hunt

20 Apr, 2021 CryptoParrot

Who let the Doge Out

Once considered a "meme token", Dogecoin has been in a meteoric rise over the past years. After being praised - albeit as a joke - by Elon Musk, the cryptocurrency has broken records after records, and now aims for the big-times of the crypto world.  

DOGE was the only token that powered through the latest crashes across all cryptos, after a massive cash out from HODLers, whales, and crypto-related companies. As a consequence of this reversal, Doge has its eyes set on the 4th place in the rankings of largest cryptos on the planet. The target, XRP, has been recovering from a millionaire lawsuit that made news in 2020 and compromised a token that was rising in importance at that moment.  

With the winds of change blowing, some analysts expect the dog-related crypto to not only surpass XRP but possibly start paving its way to the bronze medal, risking disruption on Binance's native token. Is 2021 the year of the DOGE? Only time will tell. 

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