10 Questions w/ Franklin Fitch Head Of Marketing At Beaxy Exchange

Short Intro Bio: Who is Franklin Fitch and what is your role at Beaxy?

Hey all, I’m Head of Marketing at Beaxy. Although, as one would naturally assume, an early startup leader wears many hats. Prior to Beaxy I completed a Master’s in Consumer Psychology, and then worked as a Market Research Consultant for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. I also have some experience in building and scaling social media brands, and some specific cryptocurrency consulting and community building experience. My day to day might involve checking in on our advertising, writing email copy, preparing marketing strategies, writing tweets, interfacing with our community, or guiding our global ambassadors. 


1.  Can you share with our readers the story of what first got you into blockchain, crypto and ultimately head of marketing at Beaxy? 

As indicated above I was doing consulting work heavily based around internet research. When you spend enough time online you will eventually hear about bitcoin. That’s exactly what happened, and around the same time I began hearing more about it from some friends of mine who traded it. This was early 2017, and around mid 2017 I dove head first in. I created a crypto community to gather knowledge more quickly and this community ended up growing very quickly. After the growth of the community I started consulting for a few crypto projects on how they could grow their communities and execute effectively on marketing tactics. This led me to Beaxy, where I met Artak, our CEO, at a meetup in Chicago. I was networking a lot at the time and little did I know this was my biggest connection yet. The rest is history.

2.  Needless to say, the team behind Beaxy is about as solid as it gets, can you tell us a little more about the core team at Beaxy and where you are currently headquartered?  

We’re domiciled overseas in Kitts & Nevis but have offices in Chicago and in Yerevan Armenia. The core team is as good a team as I’ve ever seen. I’m quite literally surrounded by geniuses. We’re dev heavy, with most dev now in Armenia and most operations in Chicago, but it’s not a clear delineation. 

3.  Let's dig a little deeper into Beaxy itself...What is Beaxy and what makes Beaxy standout from the many other exchanges already out there?

Beaxy is a spot crypto exchange based on a matching engine developed in collaboration with a company called OneMarketData. OMD services legacy fintech clients like Bloomberg, Scottrade, and Vanguard. We have an exclusive partnership with them and are thus the only crypto exchange globally deploying their tech, which gives us a massive advantage. Our trading engine clocks at speeds faster than NASDAQ and leagues past others in crypot, and we launched with more order types than any competitor. This plus a unique approach to the community (transparent communication) and to projects (no listing fees, etc) help set us apart. 

4. It's already well known by most traders that Beaxy has really great UX/UI (in particular for newbie traders), but what would you say are the top 5 standout features Beaxy brings to the table? 

Here’s my top 5;

  1. Advanced order types

  2. Near instant withdrawals/deposits for most currencies

  3. Multiple wallets per currency 

  4. Profit-loss calculator

  5. Tradingview integration

5. What are some of the trading pairs currently listed on Beaxy? And what projects can we expect to see listed on Beaxy in the future?

Current and future pairs that have been announced already can be found here;


Going forward you can expect to see listings of quality projects that pass technical muster, have strong communities, and may not have other markets servicing them now. 

6. Beaxy has a really great bounty and referral program, can you share with our readers and the Niffler community a little bit on how that works, and the amazing benefits they can get from being a part of those?

Yeah so our referral program credits you with a percentage of trading fees from accounts you refer, we’re currently running a promotion where that percentage is boosted so you get extra rewards. All you need to do is create an account, go to your profile page, and copy your referral link then share with friends. Folks who use your link to sign up also get discounted trading for a few months. It’s a win win. 

7. Outside of Beaxy, we always like to ask those we feature on Niffler.co whether they have any other crypto or blockchain projects they are particularly bullish on and why?

I’m bullish on a few blockchain verticals; namely supply chain, medical, and governance. Given my position I unfortunately can’t speak to specific projects but those are the areas I’m bullish on. 

8. What else can we expect to see from Beaxy in 2019?

Quite a bit. New order types, increased liquidity and volumes, and FIAT trading pairs are some standouts.

9.  Where do you Franklin, see blockchain, cryptocurrencies and/or the crypto-sphere as a whole in 3 to 5 years and where does the Beaxy Exchange fit into that landscape?

I think we begin to see global consumer level integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We all know this space moves fast and I think we will be there within that time. Beaxy wants to be more than an exchange. We want to advance access to financial products for underprivileged areas, improve remittance through cryptocurrency, and integrate with merchants to name a few initiatives. 

10. Where should Niffler.co users who are interested in learning more about Beaxy go for more info and/or to register? ie your website, your twitter handle, Discord, Telegram, etc etc.




Cheers everyone, see you there!

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