10 Questions w/ ThoreCoin

Short Intro Bio: Who is Nik Strade?

My name is Nik Strade, I am currently based in Germany although I travel significantly mostly due to ThoreCoin. I have well over a decades worth of experience in global equites trading, TA and FA. I am a first generation crypto investor or what some would call OG and I am also the founder of a new and exciting project by the name of ThoreCoin as you know. 

1. Can you share with the Niffler community the story of what first got you into blockchain & cryptocurrencies?

I got involved in the blockchain, cryptocurrency space around 2013 and around the time Bitcoin was under $250 and Ethereum sat somewhere around $4. As mentioned, coming from a global equities trading background the idea of Bitcoin being a new form of currency naturally peaked my interest like it has the many people reading this. I am one of those cases, that I came for the money, but ultimately stayed for the technology. In all honesty, I am actually here for both sides. 

2. In one or two sentences can you explain to Niffler readers “what is the ThoreCoin project”?

ThoreCoin offers a basket of multiple cryptocurrencies in which anyone can invest in buying ThoreCoin tokens, negating the need to buy each cryptocurrency separately. It’s an opportunity to easily participate in the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies in one fell swoop. Best of all, you only ever need to monitor one price – that being the price of the THR Token and like all others we are live 24/7. We believe our offering is by far the most simple and comprehensive solution on the market today.

3. Who is behind ThoreCoin? 

ThoreCoin is an EU project based in Estonia/Germany and founded by myself, who is originally from India. We are a proudly registered blockchain business with Crypto Valley in Switzerland.  Our team is ultimately global and hailing from countries such as Germany, UK, Estonia and Asia as well as having associates in North America. 

4. Let's dig a little deeper into ThoreCoin itself...What makes ThoreCoin standout from the many other projects out there? 

Simple answer: without a doubt what make us standout is that there will only ever be 100000 THR issued. The scarcity of that alone is what we have found intrigues most, and separates us from the rest. 

5. What are the top 5 features ThoreCoin brings to the table?

We believe we have a ton of great features to start with including but not limited to being a: 

1) Security Token

2) Digital asset portfolio

3) Directly linked with overall crypto market growth

4) Ownership 

5) “Bitcoin halving” biggest beneficiary

It would be a long list if we were to list all features and as time goes on we aim to add many more features in the coming weeks and months. 

6. ThoreCoin is all about the “Evolution of Security Tokens” can you help Niffler readers understand a little more about what that means and in particular what it means when it comes to ThoreCoin?

The entire traditional financial securities infrastructure is valued at over $544 trillion and could eventually become completely tokenized. “Think of traditional assets similar to that of mailed physical letters and tokenized assets to that of emails. Bitcoin first brought us programmable money and with that we are now discovering the power of programmable securities." We aim to be at not only the intersection of this evolution and potentially lucrative STO boom, but more importantly leaders in paving the road ahead. 

7. What can we expect to see from ThoreCoin in 2019?

Great question! I would have to say probably the most relevant in terms of upcoming events is our forthcoming first round STO on July 15th 2019. ThoreCoin is raising multiple rounds starting with this one in order to fuel our growth over the coming years. In the first round, which is the best time to invest as we aim to leverage the ‘small offering exemption’ of the European prospectus directive, which allows existing ICO/Pre-sale investors the ability to participate. Our objective for this round is to raise a minimum of 4.5 Million Euro for which a prospectus is not required.

To participate in our STO, you can register on our compliant token issuance platform here. Please note, you will need to go through a short KYC process to ensure your eligible participation.

8. Where do you see blockchain, crypto and/or the Crypto-Sphere as a whole in 3 to 5 years and where does ThoreCoin fit into the overall landscape in and around that timeframe?

Like everyone, ThoreCoin is really excited about where the market is currently heading. We believe that over the course of the next 18 to 24 months we are going to see explosive growth right across the entire sector on both the blockchain and cryptocurrency side of things. Over those 18-24 months and next 48 following ThoreCoin aims to be right alongside that and ultimately leading the pack in the not to distant future. 

9. As someone who has deep ties to ThoreCoin, what excites you the most about the ThoreCoin community and why should others jump onboard?

What excites most about the community is the response we are getting from our investors and those day to day conversations we have the opportunity to have with them. We are lucky to have an ever growing community of people who believe in us, the overall scope of what we are doing currently as well as the long term mission of the ThoreCoin project. 

We think new investors and those potentially interested in ThoreCoin should jump on board as our offering is truly unique. As mentioned earlier in question #2 ThoreCoin offers a basket of multiple cryptocurrencies in which anyone can invest in buying ThoreCoin tokens, negating the need to buy each cryptocurrency separately. With everyone's busy lifestyle, we believe our community both those currently in it and those who join in the weeks and months ahead appreciate the one stop notion of the ThoreCoin project and what we are looking to accomplish as it truly frees up their time and need to go through long laborious periods of research and due diligence.  

10. Where should Niffler.co users who are interested in joining the ThoreCoin community or learning more about ThoreCoin go? 

The best place to get more info about what we are currently doing and where we are headed would certainly be our website at www.thorecoin.com To catch daily news, updates and chat with us via DM, Twitter is our preferred method of communication and you can find us at @Thr_offical

DISCLAIMER: Niffler.co and our team will strive to ensure the accuracy of information listed on this website. Please also note, none of the information we provide should ever be construed as financial advice and we do not hold any responsibility for any missing information provided by third parties. ALWAYS remember to do your own research and ALWAYS consult your personal financial advisor for any and all financial advice when it comes to financial activities conducted outside of the Niffler.co platform.

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