BTC Hits $16k Where to Next?

2020 has proven a tough year for pretty much everything, but the King of Crypto puts up a good fight. 

On November 12th, the cryptocurrency edged even closes to a new all-time high yet again, by crossing the $16k threshold for the first time since 2018.  

The level was hit on the earlier hours of Thursday. Even though the mark is significant for investors around the world, the price level quickly reverted back to the higher $15,000s.   

The higher $15k has been the safe zone for investors for over a week, as hopes of a bull run smashes through the ATH of $19.9k, reached on December 17th, 2017. 

As the crypto powered through a series of financially troubling situations, the sentiment of Bitcoin being able to reach fabled new heights keep growing. The results of the US Election and the massive sell-off from BTC Whales, normally stress points for any asset, didn't make a dent on BTC indexes and price action.

These good results during such delicate times are clear signals that the bull tendencies might stay around for longer than expected. 


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