BTC Whales and Bulls on the move

After what some traders might consider a lackluster week, Bitcoin has made the headlines, with the news regarding massive new investments made by unusual suspects: whales and skeptics.  

Since the halving in May whales have been lurking. It is important to be on the lookout as massive movements have the power to affect the entire ecosystem. Last Thursday for instance, Whale watchers pointed that a single address moved 15,987 BTC in block 649,777, estimated to be worth about $166 million.  

The sentiment of outside markets seems to be changing as well. Microstrategy, a billion-dollar valued company with a notorious anti-bitcoin sentiment installed in higher management has flipped the switch and acquired over $400 million in BTC. The purchase amounted to more than 38,000 bitcoins and is a textbook case of how quickly the crypto mindset can change. 

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