On the 10th day of Christmas, my Niffler gave to me...

Join now the biggest Niffler competition ever and earn daily prizes until Christmas eve! Our awesome holiday simulated trading competition has started its second week. Every single day, our best traders will earn prizes in BTC from their play dollar wins!

Trading without risk and the possibility of a reward? It sure is Christmas time!

Congratulations to our current winners Andre, Usta, ŚhãĺĺŤęæŕ, danielgl and iMinotaur, who
already took to their accounts over 100 USD in real bitcoin.

The gifts will keep arriving until our big finale on the 24th of December!

Join our biggest risk-free competition at:

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Crypto Parrot Community Mgr - Here to help answer questions, fix things & help out when needed. Got feedback? Send those bad boys here: contact@niffler.co

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