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What or who is CryptoVibes:

CryptoVibes is an online cryptocurrency magazine created for the sole purpose of enlightening people about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. CryptoVibes covers different topics, in particular, the ones mainstream media normally wouldn't.

How long has CryptoVibes been around and what brought you to the idea?

It's been just over a year since our launch. The idea was to share my experience in mining (HDD and GPU) with people around the world but eventually, I saw the need to cover not only mining-related articles but also news and other catchy stories you couldn’t read via the mainstream media.

Clearly, CryptoVibes is a fast-growing site, can you tell us a little more about the core team behind it and why you feel you've had the success you have so far?

I always tell people: “If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go with the team.”

It took time for me to understand this as I have always been a one-man army type of guy, but eventually, we invited a few very promising cryptocurrency writers to join us and that's when things started to get way better and really take off. Naturally, I still choose the topics which need to be covered and which should not.

I also cover all marketing, coding, and finances of CryptoVibes.com. There’s a lot to learn on this journey of being a successful online publisher, but we enjoy the challenge and every day doing what we do.

How involved in trading is your team?

Despite the fact I was investing in cryptocurrency for over 18 months already, I recently completed a cryptocurrency trading courses thanks to one of the most successful traders in our country. Trading becomes a passion. That’s for sure. CryptoVibes readers will get plenty of analysis from our articles and in near future we are hoping to add "101 type of educational content" that aims to explain the crypto and blockchain space in a simple, fast way without all the blah blah typically found elsewhere.

Trading is not supposed to be rocket science. Brokers attempt to make you think it is, and that's simply not the case, they know once you see how easy it really is, they won’t be needed anymore.

Do you or anyone on the team have any blockchain/crypto projects that you are particularly bullish on and why?

There are some really great projects out there! I would say the following projects are ones we believe are the best tools to help anyone keep an eye on cryptocurrencies, learn trading and/or track investment options, especially for novices. 

Coinmarketcap.comNiffler.coCryptocontrol.ioCoin360.io, Coinsrates.live, Coinmap.orgBitinfocharts.comBlocktivity.info

These are just a few of my favorites. If you use all of these links you will be well covered on the news, additional advice and great tools worth following in the cryptocurrency world. The synergy these projects provide is amazing.

Also, I would highly recommend reading our article "Top 9 tools to keep an eye on cryptocurrencies." The list is steadily growing so keep checking back.

What's daily life look like as online crypto content publisher? Can you briefly walk us through a day? Any perks doing what you do?

I start quite early, to be honest. By 7:00 AM I am arriving at the office with more than 100 sources to check as well as preparing all the different topics for coverage that day for our writers. After my coffee with milk, we create and publish content actively right up until 3:00 PM. From there I go home and continue working from the home office as I have an allergy to traffic jams.

After 7:00 PM it's family time. I have a wonderful 18-month-old daughter I love to spend time with and and I also enjoy a lot of Downhill MTB riding. It’s my YOGA.

What content do you see people really gravitating towards? Is there a specific topic or type of news people really seem to enjoy?

Ah yes... From what we seen our readers love to know what other people think, in particular, what crypto influencers think. Stories, where crypto influencers share their opinions, are the most engaged on the site. Also, readers love articles about the future of cryptocurrency. I am not talking about price predictions, it’s more the future of money that people are concerned about and want to see where crypto fits in the bigger picture.

Where do you see CryptoVibes in the next 5 years? And where do you see crypto as a whole?

Great questions! In 5 years I believe CryptoVibes.com will consist of 20-30 colleagues, writers etc and not have not only have a brand new, fresh and modern website but also launch as an iOS and Android app where CryptoVibes would be able to donate cryptocurrency to all of our loyal readers. The more you read, the more you get in return. We love the idea of profit share with our readers! While other ask you pay to read with all the different paywalls out there, we think it makes a lot more sense to pay our loyal readers instead. It's something we are very excited about! Although we are not there yet, we are heavily focused on getting there in the near future.

Regarding cryptocurrencies I'm confident that in the near future and after institutional money starts flowing into the cryptocurrency markets, a whole new era of global finance will begin. I really believe that institutional FOMO awaits us, and that's when you will notice most people regretting they didn’t invest in more projects and coins earlier. The one certainty I do have – the future of cryptocurrencies is both positive and bright and as each day passes the crypto-markets continue to mature.

Outside of your devoted reading audience, what separates CryptoVibes from the many other sites out there?

We actively try not to cover what’s already been covered in other cryptocurrency related websites. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable as we strive to give the key news of the day for our audience, but we like to think we broaden the overall crypto picture by also focusing on non-standard articles...those include articles on social experiments and personal stories related to cryptocurrencies and revolve more around crypto and blockchain life for the average investor, newbie or influencer.

For Niffler.co users who are interested in checking out CryptoVibes (and we highly recommend you do) where should they go?

I invite Niffler.co users to check out our Knowledge category. There you can find tons of useful information regarding cryptocurrencies and I strongly recommend you read every article as each brings their own nugget of wisdom. These articles are like a crash course and will not take you long to read, which is something we designed purposefully as most people don't have the time for long reads and we have found keeping articles short and concise lead to better knowledge absorption by our readers. 

Is there anything else you wanted to share with Niffler.co users?

I really think, that before proceeding into real cryptocurrency investments, Niffler.co is the place to be. After you got your way through Niffler, then you might help these pieces of advice:

  1. If you decide to invest in cryptocurrency, "only invest an amount of money you can afford to lose"

  2. You didn’t lose anything until you actually decide to sell. TRY NOT TO SELL IN A LOSS. All markets are cycles, be patient and give it some time to rebound;

  3. NEVER trade on exchanges which are not registered as legal authorities!

  4. ALWAYS use 2FA security...ALWAYS!

  5. Always, always, always use cold storage wallets to avoid exchange hacks;

Good luck to everyone on your journey of personal cryptocurrency related achievements!

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Crypto Parrot Community Mgr - Here to help answer questions, fix things & help out when needed. Got feedback? Send those bad boys here: contact@niffler.co

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