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Crypto Parrot is a free community that helps educate new traders that are joining the crypto trading industry. We remove the risk of using real capital by giving $100k in play money that can be traded on a live and real time crypto exchange, while traders earn rewards from their profits

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Our Ideology

We place our focus at building a safe and risk-free environment for the crypto trading community. Allowing both new and experienced traders engage with the markets by simulating their trades without risking their money. We believe in influencing the future of freedom and upgrading the way humans can network. There is simply no safer and easier way to learn!


Founded in 2018

Community of 125k+

$3.3M In funding

500+ Global meetups

100+ Teams use Crypto Parrot


We believe that in order for cryptocurrency to exist and continue to prosper, it is our duty as early adopters and experienced traders to educate the community on how to trade it and highlight the profitable opportunity that comes from its existence.


Our purpose lies in building a community that shares experience and knowledge between crypto traders. We accomplish this by giving access to live crypto exchanges and enjoying of amazing partnerships with leading names in the industry. We aim for every new trader to become an experienced one, providing the platform that will help them build the skills and experience needed to become profitable and move on to the real thing.


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