Joining new communities can be tricky and intimidating. Here you will find all the most commonly asked questions posed by other community members in the past. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us or get in touch in the official telegram group. We hope this page helps!

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What is Crypto Parrot?

Crypto Parrot is a FREE crypto community that helps educate folks just like you interested in cryptocurrencies and crypto trading. We do it by taking out the risk of using real capital and giving you $100k in play money that can be traded alongside a live and real time crypto exchange. Best of all, you can earn rewards simply by growing your “play dollar profits” and redeeming them for amazing sponsored crypto goods like swag, services, tickets, accessories and even real crypto like Bitcoin. There is simply no safer and easier way to learn!

Led by two very seasoned and well funded startup founders, the Crypto Parrot platform was built by an accomplished team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who believe that in order for cryptocurrency to exist and continue to prosper it is our responsibility as early adopters and experienced traders to teach the world how to use it and in particular how they too can profit from its existence!

Signing up is easy. And the best part of all, it’s completely free..

Once you're done completing your profile, you can make your first trade and start learning and interacting with our global community of newbies & traders!

Our community is our family and our rules are simple..we ask that you respect everyone's freedom to express their thoughts, opinions and yes, sometimes silly trades or trade thoughts....the moment the line of personal attacks is crossed, we step in. We are all here to learn from each other. If you're not happy here or or if you cause problems, our justice is swift and final and we will certainly part ways as your account may be suspended or removed.

For additional Terms of Service, please visit here

Thanks for asking...yes we are.

If you're someone who tends to forget passwords, then social media logins are the solution for you. Not only do you not need to verify your email, you don’t need to create any additional passwords!

Have you thought this through? Do you really really want to do that?

We hate to see you go, we will miss you, but we're all adults here so if you really want to leave the best crypto trading community in the solar system and lose all of your data, badges, followers, etc you can simply reach out us on our contact page or via our chat window throughout the site.

For what it’s worth...it was great getting to know you and we hoped you had fun and most importantly of all learned to be a better crypto trader!

Traders are no different than you in all honesty. However, “Traders” are those who have proven themselves on Crypto Parrot by earning various badges and impressively growing their Crypto Parrot portfolio to a point they’ve been recognized by our proprietary “proof of experience” algorithms. From there, they are automatically invited to help teach others how to do the same.

Traders on Crypto Parrot are self made. Thanks in part to how the Crypto Parrot trading system is set up anyone can become a “Trader”. Traders who are paid for giving guidance to newbies or others have shown their competence through the Crypto Parrot platform by showcasing their ability to grow their portfolio quickly and consistently while earning various badges along the way. Once a user has reached this predetermined threshold (there are lots of behind the scenes moving parts and code to determine users acceptance as a Trader and yes, it is a proprietary formula what we like to call “proof of experience” that cannot be bought or sold) we will notify them. The best way to become a Crypto Parrot “Trader” and start earning money is to get started trading today!

Great profiles with great bios attract lots of followers, so be sure to include a profile pic, background and completed bio so the community can get to know you better!

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Partnerships, affiliates & refferals

Easy... just go here.

Great question and one we have been asked often!

Crypto Parrot has implemented a rewards based referral system that can be found on the main page and in the left hand menu or column.  By successfully sharing the link with 20 ppl and having them register and post at least one trade will earn that trader a crazy cool Crypto Parrot T-Shirt!

* Please note that any detection of fake emails accounts, bots or misuse of the referral system will disqualify those emails from being counted and is at the sole discretion of Crypto Parrot Inc.

Privacy & Security

Yup. We don't and won’t ever sell your contact info to anyone.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Send us an email via our contact us page or to contact&at;cryptoparrot.com.

Please ensure you email us your name, phone number, problem/issue and availability Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm EDT.


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