Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere

$66.40 1.6% Current price

$623,958,933 Market Cap

9,417,155 DASH Circulating Supply

18,900,000 DASH Max Supply

About DASH

Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a strong focus on the payments industry. Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive, divisible and fast.

It can be spent securely both online and in person with only minimal transaction fees. Based on the Bitcoin project, Dash aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments system in the world.

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Recent DASH trades on Crypto Parrot
User Avatar fluxdesk -6.9%
6 Oct, 2019

+14.1225 DSH

Bought @ $ 70.81

Daily ADC. Looks like tomorrow will need more USD or use BTC for basis. Selling early might give up potential upside, but it's easier to track results on a dollar basis. Back later.

User Avatar pibacco -5.6%
8 May, 2019

+10.0000 DSH

Bought @ $ 121.41

" Fidelity also owns a 10% stake in Neptune Dash, the publicly traded masternode sharing company that allows institutional investors to have easy access to the rewards of the Dash network." "Dash has also received high marks in numerous coin and investment analyses, including Palm Beach Research Group recommending Dash three times, for its current and future potential." https://dashnews.org/fidelity-reportedly-getting-ready-to-offer-cryptocurrency-trading/

User Avatar chesatoshi +47.6%
1 May, 2019

-44.0917 DSH

Sold @ $ 121.54

On CoinMarketCap I saw the price of Dash increased by 4.69% in the last 24 hours. I make a bet to cash out the profit and increase my cash flow in US dollar value.

User Avatar $hitcoin$herpa -22.9%
30 Apr, 2019

-250.0000 DSH

Sold @ $ 116.02

Gotta free up some capital for trades. Bitfinex is frickin KILLING me. Stuck in Tube, stuck in ETH. Apparently Dash has more volume than ETH. I've been Bitfinex'd. :|

User Avatar abintl -11.2%
29 Jan, 2019

+101.9873 DSH

Bought @ $ 68.64

The bears have come out on top in the last three days but with the price not undergoing any drastic change, it shows that the bulls are trying to stabilize the price.

User Avatar CryptoParrot +12.0%
9 Dec, 2018

+0.1446 DSH

Bought @ $ 69.14

Another great video from @BitBoy w/ todays crypto news including why Gold will eventually crash & Bitcoin will be the premier investment, as well as Monarch token news, Bithumb passing Binance, & BTC looking good according to the Lindy Effect :rocket: Enjoy!

User Avatar CryptoParrot +12.0%
8 Dec, 2018

+0.1521 DSH

Bought @ $ 65.73

Got the Bear market blues? Here's a link https://bit.ly/2Ps3IjB :point_left: (copy & paste) to a great article entitled "Cryptocurrency Bear Market: Four Options – Choose Wisely" & let's throw in a 5th option with, learn or hone your trading skills with skills like learning to short...best part is, you can learn how to do that here and not risk any real life capital! :rocket:

User Avatar Balkoins -0.7%
1 Nov, 2018

+15.0000 DSH

Cancelled @ $ 150.00

Looking to pick up Dash before it crosses over its 200 Moving Average. It also has a slight uptrend recently and a nice pop up that occured last week. Limit order set at 150.

User Avatar Crypto-Twice -99.4%
30 Sep, 2018

+234.3292 DSH

5 x Cancelled @ $ 187.77

2nd leveraged long in Dash. I'm eaither scoring nice on both or getting rekt LoL Here's a clue: Scoring Nice On Both, just playing a game of wait which is 1 of the hardest things to do in crypto. I should have closed my 1st position last week but held out for higher profits. Which has caused me to wait in que all of again.

User Avatar Drunken Sasquatch +0.0%
20 Sep, 2018

-150.0000 DSH

Sold @ $ 210.09

I've not been looking at Dash charts for the past couple months like I have Bitcoin. But after a quick look this appears to be a good sell point before it drops back down to the $190 range.

User Avatar thedrag0n -16.2%
16 Sep, 2018

+10.5602 DSH

Bought @ $ 189.39

Risking 2% of the portfolio here because DASH recently has had some pumping action, but it appears to have found a bottom around $140 so the r/r to add some to the bag is not bad here.